Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Facebook Fan Page

Dear Clovis Wrestling fan:

For the future of wrestling, we need to better market ourselves and give people access to this incredible sport.  Right now, we have 1,100 fans on our Facebook Fan Page. Since we do things big or not at all in Clovis Wrestling, we set a goal of getting 5,000 fans this season, almost 5x our current number, to “Like” our Facebook page and follow the team.

We have second-to-none history here at Clovis and that history is worth sharing.  We will be releasing “fun facts”, interactive polls, event notices, team updates, and various pieces of information throughout the season to educate and entertain even the most casual fan.  There’s something for everyone and if we spark enough interest, we might even be able to entice first-timers to come to a dual meet, say versus Buchanan, or the Doc Buchanan Invitational Finals.  That’s where the real fun is at!

We ask that you, our fan and most important asset, share the Clovis Wrestling Fan Page with all of your Facebook friends, especially those within 45 miles of Clovis High School, capable of following the team and attending matches this season.  We’re counting on you to help spread the word about the team, the program, and the great sport of wrestling.


2013-2014 hashtag: #clovis444

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