Saturday, February 28, 2009

Central Section Masters - LIVE Saturday

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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Updated National Rankings 2-16-09

Mon, 02/16/2009 - 21:33 — admin
High School Prep 40 2/16/2009
Mon, 02/16/2009 - 21:33 — admin
AMATEUR WRESTLING NEWS PREP 40 February 16, 2009 by Bob Preusse
1. Blair Academy N.J. 2. St. Paris Graham Ohio3. Apple Valley Minn.4. Central Dauphin Pa.5. Northampton Pa. 6. Central Mountain Pa.7. Wyoming Seminary Pa.8. Huxley Ballard Iowa9. Christiansburg Va. 10. Simley Minn.11. Brandon Fla.12. St. Mark Del.13. Clovis Calif.14. Cumberland Valley Pa.15. Wadsworth Ohio16. Massillon Perry Ohio17. St. Edward Ohio 18. Blue Mountain Pa.19. Reynolds Pa.20. Montini Catholic Ill.21. Poway Calif.22. Collins Hill Ga.23. Buchanan Calif.24. Lake Stevens Wash.25. Wisconsin Rapids Wisc.26. Wausau West Wisc.27. Hastings Minn.28. High Point N. J.29. Park Hill Mo.30. Roseburg Oreg.31. Iowa City West Iowa 32. Flathead Mont.33. Long Branch N.J. 34. Billings Skyview Mont.35. Oak Park River Forest Ill.36. Grand Island Neb.37. Mishawaka Ind.38. Blue Springs Mo.39. Ponca City Okla.40. Goddard Kans.

Let's go cougars!!

The time has come!!! Now go get it done boys!! You have worked so hard this last year.. let NO ONE take this from you... YOU ARE READY!!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Back on TRAC (pun intended)

With an undefeated dual season secured and a least a share of the TRAC Championship looking probable, the Cougars showed up on Saturday at the TRAC Championship tournament and did what they always do in the post-season, rose to the occasion.

The Clovis team won 7 individual TRAC titles and put 10 wrestlers into the finals to run away from Buchanan and cinch up an outright league championship for the 2nd straight season!  Winning titles were the two super-frosh Daniel Gaytan (103) and Zach Nevills (171); the seasoned veterans Clinton McAlester (125), Scott Sakaguchi (145), and Tommy Burriel (189); and creating a reversal of fortune from earlier losses were Alec Dieter (135) and Cameren Kelley (152) to bring the Cougar faithful to their feet and give each of them a TRAC Championship.  For Dieter, his first major tournament victory could not have been more sweet!

All 14 wrestlers advanced to the Yosemite Division Valley Championships next week at Lemoore High School, the toughest state qualifier of them all.  The boys will need to be ready, and we know Cougars always are!

1. Clovis - 256
2. Buchanan 230.5
3. Clovis West 179.5
4. Clovis East 158
5. Madera 77
6. Central 44.5

103 - Daniel Gaytan - 1st
112 - Madison Gambrell - 2nd
119 - Ben Omata - 4th
125 - Clinton McAlester - 1st
130 - Sonny Cervantes - 2nd
135 - Alec Dieter - 1st
140 - Ben Kelley - 4th
145 - Scott Sakaguchi - 1st
152 - Cameren Kelley - 1st
160 - Blake Thompson - 4th
171 - Zach Nevills - 1st
189 - Tommy Burriel - 1st
215 - Taylor Ferguson - 2nd
285 - Devon Barbo - 4th

9 in 09

THE TRADITION LIVES ON................

I wouldn't call them ordinary, but they are. That's what's extraordinary about them. No one appreciates the agonizing effort they've had to make. Now that their years of training have yielded such spectacular results, everyone is talking about their "God given talent". That's how those who don't train very hard comfort themselves.

Adam passed this along to me about this team last month.... I think it's a perfect statement about these boys and coaches!!


Way to go Cougars!!! Keep the momentum going and you will succeed.

Coaches another outstanding job. You have trained the team and led the way, now it's time for the boys to attack these last few hurdles. We know they can do it.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Good Luck Cougars

Good luck this weekend boys!!!! We know you will shine bright!!!

Cougars 27th Closes 2009!

The Clovis team put up their 27th dual victory in a row on Wednesday night, defeating a game Clovis West squad 36-18 in the last league dual of the season. This streak now spans more than 2 years and since this was the last dual of the year, will continue into the 2009-2010 season.

Up next, what really matters - the post-season! Saturday is the "Toughest League in the State" when the T.R.A.C. Championship Tournament kicks off at Central High School (East Campus). Don't miss it!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Climbing the Charts

In the lastest AWN Prep 40 National Team Rankings, the Cougars have moved up to their highest national ranking ever at #14.  The previous high was earlier this year at #15.  Clovis is the highest rated wrestling team West of the Mississippi River.  They are joined by #21 Poway and #23 Buchanan to round out the California schools. 

by Bob Preusse

1. Blair Academy N.J.
2. St. Paris Graham Ohio
3. Apple Valley Minn.
4. Central Dauphin Pa.
5. Northampton Pa.
6. Central Mountain Pa.
7. Wyoming Seminary Pa.
8. Huxley Ballard Iowa
9. Cumberland Valley Pa.
10. Christiansburg Va.
11. Simley Minn.
12. Brandon Fla.
13. St. Mark Del.
14. Clovis Calif.
15. Wadsworth Ohio
16. Massillon Perry Ohio
17. St. Edward Ohio
18. Blue Mountain Pa.
19. Reynolds Pa.
20. Montini Catholic Ill.
21. Poway Calif.
22. Collins Hill Ga.
23. Buchanan Calif.
24. Lake Stevens Wash.
25. Wisconsin Rapids Wisc.
26. Wausau West Wisc.
27. Hastings Minn.
28. High Point N. J.
29. Park Hill Mo.
30. Roseburg Oreg.
31. Iowa City West Iowa
32. Long Branch N.J.
33. Tulsa Union Okla.
34. Billings Skyview Mont.
35. Oak Park River Forest Ill.
36. Grand Island Neb.
37. Mishawaka Ind.
38. Flathead Mont.
39. Blue Springs Mo.
40. Goddard Kans.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Action Photos by John Caton

Please visit John Caton's Smugmug web page and check out some outstanding action shots of the boys this season.  You can download photos or purchase prints in a variety of sizes.  And if you see John at matches taking photos, please tell him thanks for all the great pictures!

The photo is of John Caton and his two boys, Andy (left) and Jeff (right).

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Clovis Frosh/Soph Shine Bright

The annual Golden State Invitational was held this weekend at Clovis North, where the best of the area's freshman and sophomores get together to compete. Much like the Clovis varsity squad, the Frosh/Soph team at the Golden State Invite did not disappoint.

As a team, Clovis finished in 1st place with 240.5 points, 53.5 points better than 2nd place Clovis West. The Cougars had many place winners and a few champions at the 2nd annual event.

Team Scores
1. Clovis - 240.5
2. Clovis West - 187
3. Buchanan - 133.5
4. Madera South - 114
5. Madera - 110

Cougar Results
103 - Andy Ia - 1st
112 - Gage Freeman - 5th
119 - Vicente Hernandez - 4th
119 - Devin Everk - 5th
125 - Juan Salas - 1st
125 - Jake Cap - 4th
130 - Brady Bersano - 1st
135 - Tyler White - 4th
140 - Chase Bohny - 3rd
145 - Colby Thompson - 1st
145 - Dakota Gordon - 2nd
160 - Matt Rocha - 3rd
171 - Christian Jackson - 2nd
215 - Taylor Ferguson - 1st
215 - Orem Camarena - 6th
285 - Jesus Castaneda - 2nd

Clark Runs the Table

For the second straight year, the Clark Chieftans can make the same claim - NO ONE can beat them. The team finished off the season Saturday with another 1st place performance, winning the CIAL League Championship against the rival Clovis Unified intermediate schools.

That takes the unbeaten streak for the Chieftans to TWO YEARS, and sheds some obvious light on the future of Clovis Wrestling!

Tournament Finish
1. Clark
2. Kastner
3. Alta Sierra
4. Granite Ridge
5. Reyburn

Clark Medalists
76lbs - Cszeshinski - 2nd
89lbs - Herrera - 2nd
95lbs - McAlester - 1st
100lbs - Velarde - 2nd
103lbs - Calloway - 2nd
108lbs - Ladd - 1st
112lbs - Juarragui - 2nd
135lbs - Whitehead - 2nd
153lbs - Salas - 1st
168lbs - Nevills - 1st
185lbs - Zigarelli - 2nd
205lbs - Valejo - 2nd
235lbs - Cruz - 2nd