Sunday, December 20, 2009

Western Invitational

Someone please email me a pic of the Zinkin!!!!

Let's Take Two

What a year it's started off to be as the Cougars capture their 3rd and 4th tournament victories...on the same weekend? For the first time in school history, the Clovis team captured TWO 40-team varsity tournament titles with two different teams at the same time.

Wrestling at the Western Invitational for the first time, the Cougars sent 12 wrestlers and placed 11 over the two-day event. Sonny Cervantes (130), Blake Thompson (152), and Tyler Ceremello (160) brought home tournament titles and team ran away with the championship, winning 234 to 159.5 over 2nd place Central Catholic. Cougar placers included:
103 - Xesus Velarde 3rd
112 - Lane McAlester 3rd
119 - Ben Omata 3rd
125 - Jason Ladd 7th
130 - Sonny Cervantes 1st
145 - Colby Thompson 5th
152 - Blake Thompson 1st
160 - Tyler Ceremello 1st
171 - Ryan Davies 7th
215 - Daren Barbo 4th
285 - Max Howard 4th

Competing at the annual Zinkin Classic at Buchanan High School, the other Cougar varsity squad won the tournament in dominating fashion for only the 3rd time in school history (the other two being the state championship seasons of 2002-2003 and 2007-2008). Like the Western Invitational, 3 Cougars took home tournament titles: Jonas Gaytan (103), Daniel Gaytan (112), and Tommy Burriel (189). The team won the tournament championship by 59 points with 12 place winners over Top 5 teams in the state Bakersfield and host Buchanan. Cougars placers included:
103 - Jonas Gaytan 1st
112 - Daniel Gaytan 1st
125 - Devin Everk 4th
130 - Juan Salas 3rd
135 - Brady Bersano 4th
140 - Alec Dieter 2nd
145 - Chase Bohny 5th
160 - Dakota Gordon 5th
171 - Zach Nevills 5th
189 - Tommy Burriel 1st
215 - Taylor Ferguson 2nd
285 - Devon Barbo 6th

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


There will be a MANDATORY parent meeting Monday December 21st @ 6:45 in Wrestling Room!!! This is for the upcoming Doc B Tournament on January 8th & 9th

Monday, December 14, 2009

Doc B

Hate to break up all this great news on wrestling..... however,the Doc B is just around the corner... January 8th & 9th to be exact..!!!

Looking for some help on a couple things:

1.) Does anyone have a utility trailer that we could use to store supplies for the

2.) We have a grandfather that has offered us some of his "snack bar" equipment,
one is large BBQ... Trying to get a few fathers to help cook!! Please let me
know if anyone is interested in helping...

Please save the date... your help at this tournament is not just appreciated, it is mandatory! Kerri and I will be making calls soon to firm up times. This tournament is a lot of work and takes a lot of people to run...

Thanks and looking forward to hearing back from you

Cindy McAlester
Cougar Parent Wrestling

New updated Team Wrestling Rankings from AWN

Updated Team Wrestling Rankings as of 12-14-09. Clovis moved up 5 spots.

1. Blair Academy, N.J.
2. Apple Valley, Minn.
3. St. Paris Graham, Ohio
4. St. Edward, Ohio
5. Wyoming Seminary, PA
6. Brandon, FL
7. Central Mountain, PA
8. St. Mark, Del
9. Central Dauphin, PA
10. Wadsworth, Ohio
11. Bishop Lynch, TX
12. Broken Arrow, OK
13. Montini Catholic, Ill
14. Park Hill, MO
15. Clovis, CA
16. High Point, N.J.
17. Simley, Minn
18. Wisconsin Rapids, WI
19. Iowa City, West Iowa
20. Waverly-Shell Rock, Iowa
21. Collins Hill, GA
22. Roseburg, OR
23. Rockford, MI
24. Grand Island, NE
25. Long Branch, N.J.
26. Minooka, Ill
27. Sunnyside, AZ
28. Huxley Ballard, IA
29. Monroeville, OH
30. Mount Carmel, Ill
31. Blue Mountain, PA
32. Council Rock South, PA
33. Reynolds, PA
34. Christiansburg, VA
35. Selma, CA
36. Payson, UT
37. Bismarck, ND
38. Sturgis Brown, SD
39. Buchanan Clovis, CA
40. Lowell, MI

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Impressive Weekend for Clovis Squad

Starting off on Thursday, the Cougar JV squad dominated the competition at Madera South, winning all 5 duals by a sizeable margin of victory.

The Clovis West Shootout is widely considered the toughest dual tournament in the state of California. It is difficult to win every year, with a full team. On Friday and Saturday, the Clovis team was missing 7 of their best wrestlers, competing nationally at the Ironman Tournament in Ohio. Despite that fact, the depth of the team really showed as the Cougars continued their 27-match dual win streak, dating back to January 24th, 2006, and dismantled the opposition in the 6 duals, winning by an average of 44 points per dual against some of the state’s best teams. The team scored a whopping 337 points in 6 duals while allowing a total of only 71. Thanks to the Shootout squad for picking up the slack, the Clovis High Wrestling Team now has a dual win streak of 33 consecutive matches spanning nearly 4 years all while wrestling in the toughest league in the state!

Clovis West Shootout Results:
RD1: Clovis 38 - Laguna Hills 25
RD2: Bye
RD3: Clovis 51 - Bella Vista 9
RD4: Clovis 66 - Ventura 6
RD5: Clovis 39 - Vacaville 18
RD6: Clovis 76 - Gilroy 3
RD7: Clovis 67 - El Dorado 10

Missing from the Shootout were 7 wrestlers that braved the elements to challenge themselves against the nation’s best at the Ironman Tournament in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio at Walsh Jesuit High School. An unanimous choice for the top high school wrestling tournament in the country, the experience did not disappoint and neither did the Cougars. With only 7 wrestlers, the team took home 11th place in a field that includes National Prep schools, a heavy dose of private schools, and many of the best wrestling teams in the country. Of the 7 wrestlers, all but one came within 1 match of placing in the Top 8. The Clovis team took home 4 medals, highlighted by a 5-fall, 3rd place performance by senior Tommy Burriel, which drew considerable interest from the 70+ college coaches in attendance.

Ironman Attendees & Results
112 – Daniel Gaytan – Top 12
130 – Sonny Cervantes
135 – Alec Dieter – 7th Place
140 – Clinton McAlester – 8th Place
160 – Blake Thompson – Top 12
171 – Zach Nevills – 8th Place
189 – Tommy Burriel – 3rd Place
Team – 11 of 58 (14 states represented)

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Clovis wins Shootout!!

With a mix of 1st, 2nd & 3rd team members.. Clovis High Wrestling takes the Clovis West Shoot out Championship!!! Awesome job .... again ... the future is bright for the Cougars!!!

Ironman Update

Bout# WClass Winners Name Winners Team Win Type Losers Name Losers Team Score
1066 112 Stephen Myers-9 Arch Moeller Pin2:16 Daniel Gaytan-10 Clovis-CA 6-0
897 112 Evan Silver-11 Blair-NJ Dec Daniel Gaytan-10 Clovis-CA 5-2
386 112 Daniel Gaytan-10 Clovis-CA Dec Alfredo Gray-11 Wadsworth 8-4
36 112 Daniel Gaytan-10 Clovis-CA Dec Michael Sepke-9 MontiniCath-IL 7-6
938 130 Nick Hannan-12 Mass. Perry Dec Sonny Cervantes-12 Clovis-CA 4-2
461 130 Colton Rasche-12 MontiniCath-IL MajDec Sonny Cervantes-12 Clovis-CA 12-4
1251 135 Alec Dieter-12 Clovis-CA Dec Austin Matthews-9 Reynolds-PA 8-1
1177 135 Cam Tessari-11 Monroeville MajDec Alec Dieter-12 Clovis-CA 13-2
946 135 Alec Dieter-12 Clovis-CA Dec Louden Gordon-12 Wadsworth 10-8
484 135 Alec Dieter-12 Clovis-CA Pin1:01 Zach Blumenthal-11 CaesarRodney-DE 5-0
1256 140 Clinton Mcalester-12 Clovis-CA Pin0:59 Cody Broomall-11 Smyrna-DE 2-0
1192 140 Clinton Mcalester-12 Clovis-CA Dec Travis Shaffer-11 Derry-PA 4-2
1104 140 Clinton Mcalester-12 Clovis-CA Dec Dustin Scott-12 BrokenArrow-OK 4-2
966 140 Shane Foster-12 Mass. Perry Dec Clinton Mcalester-12 Clovis-CA 2-1
524 140 Clinton Mcalester-12 Clovis-CA Pin0:50 Mark Wilson-12 Walsh Jesuit 2-0
1264 160 Konner Witt-11 Oak Harbor Pin3:55 Blake Thompson-11 Clovis-CA 6-0
1210 160 Blake Thompson-11 Clovis-CA Dec Mike Petrime-11 Mass. Perry 2-1
1120 160 Blake Thompson-11 Clovis-CA Forfeit Forfeit Elyria 0-0
1012 160 Blake Thompson-11 Clovis-CA Pin4:16 Adam Japalucci-12 Derry-PA 3-0
831 160 Blake Thompson-11 Clovis-CA Dec Tyler Rhoades-11 Reynolds-PA 10-3
254 160 Jarred Lux-10 N. Allegheny-PA Dec Blake Thompson-11 Clovis-CA 7-2
1268 171 Zach Nevills-10 Clovis-CA Dec Dillon Magalski-12 Walsh Jesuit 2-1
1216 171 Todd Gaydosh-12 PaduaFranciscan Dec Zach Nevills-10 Clovis-CA 2-1
1023 171 Zach Nevills-10 Clovis-CA Dec Greg Baptiste-12 Reynolds-PA 7-6
637 171 Zach Nevills-10 Clovis-CA Pin1:37 Dean Armstrong-11 Smyrna-DE 4-0
1034 189 Tommy Burriel-12 Clovis-CA Pin5:20 Cody Johnson-11 BrokenArrow-OK 6-2
660 189 Tommy Burriel-12 Clovis-CA Pin1:12 Anthony Melchiorre-11 Walsh Jesuit 2-0
312 189 Tommy Burriel-12 Clovis-CA Pin1:45 Blaze Buckwalter-9 CenMountain-PA 2-0

Ironman 2nd Day

First round
Daniel lost 5-2
Alec lost 13-2
Clinton win 4-2
Blake won 2-1
Zack lost 2-1 OT
Tommy won by Fall

Friday, December 11, 2009

Ironman - LIVE Blog

Another place to get LIVE feedback from the Ironman tournament on Saturday.


3rd Round Ironman

Blake goes through with injury falt
Clinton goes through with a Fall
Good job guys keep it going.

Ironman scores

Bout# WClass Winners Name Winners Team Win Type Losers Name Losers Team Score
386 112 Daniel Gaytan-10 Clovis-CA Dec Alfredo Gray-11 Wadsworth 8-4
36 112 Daniel Gaytan-10 Clovis-CA Dec Michael Sepke-9 MontiniCath-IL 7-6
938 130 Nick Hannan-12 Mass. Perry Dec Sonny Cervantes-12 Clovis-CA 4-2
461 130 Colton Rasche-12 MontiniCath-IL MajDec Sonny Cervantes-12 Clovis-CA 12-4
946 135 Alec Dieter-12 Clovis-CA Dec Louden Gordon-12 Wadsworth 10-8
484 135 Alec Dieter-12 Clovis-CA Pin1:01 Zach Blumenthal-11 CaesarRodney-DE 5-0
966 140 Shane Foster-12 Mass. Perry Dec Clinton Mcalester-12 Clovis-CA 2-1
524 140 Clinton Mcalester-12 Clovis-CA Pin0:50 Mark Wilson-12 Walsh Jesuit 2-0
1012 160 Blake Thompson-11 Clovis-CA Pin4:16 Adam Japalucci-12 Derry-PA 3-0
831 160 Blake Thompson-11 Clovis-CA Dec Tyler Rhoades-11 Reynolds-PA 10-3
254 160 Jarred Lux-10 N. Allegheny-PA Dec Blake Thompson-11 Clovis-CA 7-2
1023 171 Zach Nevills-10 Clovis-CA Dec Greg Baptiste-12 Reynolds-PA 7-6
637 171 Zach Nevills-10 Clovis-CA Pin1:37 Dean Armstrong-11 Smyrna-DE 4-0
660 189 Tommy Burriel-12 Clovis-CA Pin1:12 Anthony Melchiorre-11 Walsh Jesuit 2-0
312 189 Tommy Burriel-12 Clovis-CA Pin1:45 Blaze Buckwalter-9 CenMountain-PA 2-0

Seccond Round Ironman

Daniel won 8-4
Sonny lost (out of tournament)
Alec won 10-8 OT
Clinton lost 2-1
Blake won 10-3
Zack won 7-6
Tommy won by Fall
Great job boys keep up the good work!!!

Ironman First Round

5-2 after the first round.
Daniel win 7-6
Sonny Loses 12-3
Alec win by Fall
Clinton win by Fall
Blake Loses 7-2
Zack win by Fall
Tommy win by Fall
Good job Boys!!!!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Young Cougars Take 2nd!

The young guns come through at the Madera South JV Duals!! Clovis went 5-0 and took
2nd on points to Madera South! Future is bright!!!

Lineup Updated for 2009-2010

See the Clovis Wrestling lineup page for the 2009-2010 roster, updated with records, tournament results, headshots, and background info on each wrestler.

Lineups are not set in stone but this gives an early season look at the potent Cougar squad of 2009-2010!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Ironman Arrival - Tournament LIVE Online

The Cougars have arrived in Ohio and are ready for the Ironman! Follow the Clovis boys against the best in the nation on December 11th & 12th from your home or work computer!

The 2009 Walsh Ironman will once again be LIVE online throughout the tournament with Live updating scores, brackets and information, including chat and streaming video. During the early rounds we will have 3 or 4 cameras providing coverage of all mats from a high angle. The Finals will have mat by mat coverage. In addition, this year we have added searchable results for the entire tournament, so you can find out results from any team, round, or weight class. Click here to Register for the 2009 Live Online service. Cost this year is only $7.00.

Also in attendance will be the best wrestling media in the country, Flowrestling! Get all the coverage of the Ironman here, including matches, interviews, and much more!

Ironman Preview

They're off!!!

Ohio Wrestlers

The boys are on the way.

Traveling on American Airlines

Flight 1264 to Dallas
Flight 3333 to Ohio

Returning on Sunday with expected arrival around 12:30 pm in Fresno

Flight 3542 to Dallas
Flight 1885 to Fresno

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Old Inventory For Sale

We have some old shirts and sweatshirts for sale.. limited on sizes.. only have a few medium in sweatshirts, everything else is LG/XL & 2XL - I am bringing to the wrestling room... Tshirts are $5.00 & Sweatshirts are $10.00... Thank you

The Grizz Team Pic

Grizz Champs, McLane Duals 6th

Congrats to the Cougars on a great opening weekend of wrestling. Both 1st and 2nd teams stormed "The Grizz" at Central HS, winning the tournament by over double the next team's total. The Cougars placed 19 wrestlers in the Top 3 and proved they are not only a force to be reckoned with this season, but deeper than ever before!

103 - Xesus Veldarde 2nd
112 - Jonas Gaytan 1st **Outstanding Wrestler Award**
119 - Daniel Gaytan 1st
119 - Vicente Hernandez *forced to withdraw after defeating eventual 4th place wrestler in Rd1*
125 - Ben Omata 1st
125 - Devin Everk
130 - Juan Salas 1st
135 - Sonny Cervantes 1st
135 - Brady Bersano 3rd
140 - Alec Dieter 1st
140 - Christian Velarde 2nd
145 - Chase Bohny 1st
152 - Adrian Salas 3rd
160 - Blake Thompson 1st
160 - Dakota Gordon 3rd
171 - Ryan Davies 3rd
189 - Zach Nevills 2nd
215 - Tommy Burriel 1st
215 - Taylor Ferguson 2nd
285 - Max Howard 1st

1. Clovis
2. Central
3. De La Salle

For the first time, the Cougars send a 3rd Varsity squad to the McLane Duals. After winning the tournament in its first 3 years, the 4th Annual McLane Duals was finally able to crown a new champion and the very young Cougar squad took home a 6th place. Very close to a repeat performance, a couple unexpected absences forced the Cougars to forfeit 3 weight classes which proved to be too much to overcome. Overall, excellent performance by many freshman & sophomores against other teams' best squad of juniors & seniors.

RD1 - Hanford West 45 - Clovis 36
RD2 - Centennial 37 - Clovis 35
RD3 - Clovis 58 - Edison 21
RD4 - Clovis 37 - Roosevelt 36
5TH/6TH - Granite Hills 46 - Clovis 34

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Season is Upon Us!

Welcome to the first official weekend of competition for the 2009-2010 Clovis Wrestling season. More boys have worked harder than ever before over these past 8 months to prepare for what begins this Saturday, December 5th. Wrestlers, coaches, parents, and fans are all excited to see the hard work pay off and begin the season-long climb to the top of the podium in March!

"The Grizz" at Central High School
Two Varsity teams will head over to the 4th Coach Tirapelle's (Steve & Adam at Clovis, Tom at Jesuit) kickoff tournament this weekend. The team will meet at the wrestling room at 6:15am on Saturday. Weigh-ins are at 7am. Wrestling begins at 9am and runs straight through the finals. Teams in attendance include:
Clovis West
De La Salle
El Diamante
Madera South

"Doc Lippmann" McLane Duals
A third Varsity team will head to McLane high school for the 4th annual rotational dual tournament at McLane High School. The Cougars have won every year since the tournament's inception, but this year proves to be more challenging than ever with a third Varsity team trying to tow the line. The team will meet at the wrestling room at 6:15am on Saturday. Weigh-ins are at 7am. Wrestling begins at 9am in dual format and runs straight through the finals. Estimated conclusion of wrestling is 6:00pm. Teams in attendance include:
Golden West
Granite Hills
Hanford West

Friday, November 27, 2009

Poem by Michael King -- Just had to post!!!

O! we of the highest order,
Yea, we men of the great 08,
We have seen the second coming,
And belive you me it's great.
Our savior's grand, Our savior's just,
Our savior's plain to see:
Our savior, great Tirapelle
Son of the Old Man T.

Oh circle around and fight those hands
Position, remember, is key
Whatever you're doing, remember to do it
For him and the Old Man T.

Many days and nights we've fasted
In hopes that worthy we might B:
Worthy to bask in his glory,
Worthy disciples were we.
And our savior he helped us
Guided us, every last one.
Nobody ever his equal.
the man, Tirapelle's son.

Oh base back up, get off your belly!
Why won't you listen to me?
Whatever you're doing, remember to do it
For him and the Old Man T.

It was four years time we followed
Four years we were part of the pack.
Four years we pressed ever onward,
For four years we never looked back.
Our lord and savior he led us
Into the midst of the fight
And in the end we won it all,
For Adam always is right.

Oh hold hold hold, what're you doing?
Stand up, keep your arm free.
Whatever you're doing remember to do it
For him and the Old Man T.

We have come a long way with him
And some still have further to go
But however far we travel
There's one thing that we'll always know.
That he is the best, the greatest,
And those who say nay are liars.
He's the man who lives like a god
Adam, Frodo of Noobshire.

Oh you're all a bunch of freaking noobs
What the hell is that B?
Don't worry, whatever we're doing
It's for you, and for Old Man T.

By Michael King – CHS Alumni 2008

Friday, November 20, 2009

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Food & Shoe Drive

As you know Clovis Wrestling is sponsoring 3 families from Big Brothers/Big Sisters for Thanksgiving. We had a great response at the "Last Supper"... but we are in need of much more! I will be in the wrestling room Wed after practice to collect food. Also still looking for shoes for our shoe drive!

We will also take in collections for both at the Takedown Tournament!!! Lets come together and help those in need.. we are so spoiled in this program... just nice to give back!

We are winding down with the business card ad for poster... If you have any,, need turned in not later than November 25th!

As always.. Thank you and can't wait for the season to start to get our "Family" back together!!

Cindy McAlester

Sunday, November 8, 2009

National Rankings - AWN Prep 40

The pre-season Amateur Wrestling News national high school team rankings have been released. For the 3rd straight season, the Cougars find themselves amongst the nations elite at #20.

by Bob Preusse
Tue, 10/27/2009

1. Blair Academy N.J. - Ironman
2. Apple Valley Minn.
3. St. Paris Graham Ohio - Ironman
4. Wyoming Seminary Pa. - Ironman
5. Brandon Fla.
6. Montini Catholic Ill. - Ironman
7. Central Mountain Pa. - Ironman
8. St. Edward Ohio - Ironman
9. St. Mark Del.
10. Central Dauphin Pa.
11. Waverly-Shell Rock Iowa
12. Bishop Lynch Tx. - Ironman
13. Wadsworth Ohio - Ironman
14. Park Hill Mo.
15. High Point NJ
16. Blue Mountain Pa. - Ironman
17. Simley Minn.
18. Wisconsin Rapids Wisc.
19. Roseburg Oreg.
20. Clovis Calif. - Ironman
21. Collins Hill Ga.
22. Rockford Mich.
23. Christiansburg Va. - Ironman
24. Iowa City West Iowa
25. Grand Island Neb.
26. Long Branch NJ
27. Minooka Ill.
28. Sunnyside Az.
29. Council Rock South Pa. - Ironman
30 Huxley Ballard Iowa
31. Reynolds Pa. - Ironman
32. Broken Arrow Okla. - Ironman
33. Providence Catholic Ill.
34. Selma Calif. - Ironman
35. Smyrna Delaware
36. Payson Utah
37. Bismarck ND
38. Sturgis Brown SD
39. Buchanan Calif.
40. Lowell Mich.

Last Supper a Success

Thank you to everyone that attended and brought food to the 2nd Annual Clovis Wrestling "Last Supper" ... Great to see our team come together as we prepare for this upcoming season!!

We are going to continue to collect for Big Brother/Big Sister Thanksgiving Food Drive as well as Wrestling Shoe Drive... I will be in the room on Wed evening's after practice to collect shoes & food!!

Thanks again and looking forward to a great year!!

Cindy McAlester

Friday, October 30, 2009

Welcome to the season

After a great pre-season, official wrestling practice will start on Monday, November 2nd. Practice will be daily, Monday through Friday, from 4:30-6:45pm. Plan on being at practice everyday, on time.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Parent Updates

1.) Poster Ads : Would like to finalze by Monday 11-2-09
2.) Last Supper/Thanksgiving Food Drive/Wrestling Shoe Drive : 11-7-09
3.) Takedown Tournaments: November 20 & 21 - SAVE THE DATE.. Your help is MANDATORY! - Kerri Nevills will be contacting you soon for shift times!!

Any questions on the above please contact me:

Cindy McAlester

Thank you!!!

Saturday, October 24, 2009


Just heard from Adam this is what I can remember, my memory sucks.......
Clint & Daniel got first, Brady took 4th, Matt Gay 1st, Lane 2nd, Cap 1st, Sergio 1st,and Orem took 5th sorry if I left anyone out like I said my memory sucks. Adam said for the most part we looked good I think the boys are showing real progress, congrats to the boys. I wish I was able to be there.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Seen this before?

When you're doing a lot of the same things that the Oklahoma State Cowboys are doing at this time of the season, you can't feel too bad. Watch and see "downblocking", "moving your feet", "weight distribution", "pressure", "angles", "driving through your opponent", etc...

It's not magic. Excellent basic skills and positioning win even at the NCAA D1 level. That and a lot of hard work. Watch how many reps these guys do of the SAME THING, and how many times John Smith stops to fix little imperfections.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Who is Mark Schultz?

California High School State Champion
3x NCAA Champion
3x World Champion
1984 Olympic Champion

One of the most famous matches in NCAA Wrestling history. This match kept Ed Banach (Iowa) from becoming the first 4x NCAA Champion ever.

1984 Olympic Finals

Monday, October 12, 2009

Wrestling Skills -- Handfighting

Since we've been working on head position, handfighting, and pressure, I'll put some examples up that are true definitions of the words "relentless attack". My two all-time favorites: Tom & Terry Brands. Watch these over and over and try to emulate what they do with handfighting, head position, and pressure!

Terry Brands v. Arif Abdullaev, 1995 World Championships

Tom Brands vs. Alan Fried - 1991 NCAA Finals

Terry Brands vs. Kendall Cross - 1990 Oklahoma State vs. Iowa Dual

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Cerritos Halloween Open

We will be collecting all the money prior to October 23rd. If you can get to the coaches by October 19th that would be great. You can write a check and make payable to "Cougar Parent Wrestling" and we will write one check for the team... see below Adam's information on the tourney:

As a team, those who completed the Winner's Circle/Summer Wrestling will be able to travel down to Cerritos Junior College for the annual trip to the Halloween Open on Saturday, October 24th. The team will leave on Friday after school, spend the night in a hotel, and wrestle on Saturday traveling back late that evening. Entry fee is $15

Thank you!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

End of September Update

As September draws to a close, pretty good month so far by the boys. Lots of hard work being put into the weight room and the open wrestling nights available on Tuesday & Thursday. It's going to be a dogfight this year for a lot of weight classes so those getting the jump start on the season are already improving and getting a leg up.

Starting for the month of October, we're going to take it up a notch by making the wrestling practices required on Tuesday & Thursday, extending the time from 6:00-8:00pm, and starting to work on the basic skills during practice that will be essential to our success this year during the regular season. All Clovis wrestlers need to plan on attending weight training Mon, Wed, & Fri and wrestling practice on Tues & Thurs starting on Monday, October 5th.

Upcoming events of note include the California World Challenge Pre-Season Tournament at Clovis West HS on Saturday, October 10th. Registration is $26 and needs to be completed online through by October 5th.

As a team, those who completed the Winner's Circle/Summer Wrestling will be able to travel down to Cerritos Junior College for the annual trip to the Halloween Open on Saturday, October 24th. The team will leave on Friday after school, spend the night in a hotel, and wrestle on Saturday traveling back late that evening. Entry fee is $15.

October should be and needs to be a great month of training to get prepared for the season ahead!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

2009/10 Wrestling Poster

Looking for Business Card Sponsors for the 2009/10 Wrestling Poster. $150.00 per Business Card Ad. If we do not obtain sponsors, there will be no poster.

Please advise by October 20th!

Please email me with any questions

Thank you!

Sunday, September 20, 2009


Last Supper: November 7th - 4:00 to 7:00

Appetizer's and Drinks!! We are asking parents to bring your favorite and Clovis Wrestling will provide the drinks!

Will be doing a food drive for Big Brothers/Big Sisters!!


Monday, September 14, 2009

Fullerton Wrestling

The National Wrestling Coaches Association has awarded its 44th Annual All-Star Classic to Cal State Fullerton's Titan Wrestling Club. The event comes to California for the first time and will be held on Sunday, Nov. 22, at 2 p.m in Titan Gym.

Clovis Wrestling has purchased tickets .... Contact Coach Tirapelle $15.00 each.. Wrestlers have first preference !

Thursday, September 3, 2009

2010 Season Preview

The 2010 high school wrestling season is just around the corner and it promises to be another exciting year for California’s most successful all-time program. The Clovis Cougars enter the season coming off of a 4th place State finish, only one year removed from a State Championship, back-to-back Central Section Championships and back-to-back TRAC League Championships. The team carries a 27-match dual win streak lasting over 3 years into the 2010 season and leads all schools in the state with 5 returning state place winners and 7 returning state qualifiers.

2010 returning medalists include:
• Alec Dieter – Senior
• Clinton McAlester – Senior
• Tommy Burriel – Senior
• Daniel Gaytan – Sophomore
• Zach Nevills – Sophomore

Clovis leads nearly every category on the all-time state list including:
• Most Team State Championships – 8
• Most Top 5 Team Finishes – 21
• Most Individual State Champions – 21
• Most Individual State Medalists – 101

Pre-Season State Top 10 Teams (alphabetical order):
Clovis West
Laguna Hills

**As of this writing, no weight classes are determined yet. These previews are designed to highlight the team and individual wrestlers vying for each staring spot in 2010.**

2009 Starter: Daniel Gaytan
2009 Result: 4th State
Coming off back-to-back years of state medals at 103lbs (Madison Gambrell ’08, Daniel Gaytan ’09), the Cougars are hoping to continue the string in 2010. Due to the resurgence of the Clark Junior High program under Kenny Martinez’s leadership, the Cougars once again possess incoming talent that is ready to fill the lightest weight class. Clovis wrestlers vying for the spot include freshman Jonas Gaytan, cousin of returning medalist Daniel Gaytan; sophomore Matt Gay, brother of recent alumni and Valley medalist Jon Gay; freshman Lane McAlester, brother of returning 2x state medalist Clinton McAlester; and freshman Xesus Velarde, brother of current team member Christian Velarde. Others competing for the spot include sophomore Tyler Gilbert.

2009 Starter: Madison Gambrell
2009 Result: 7th Valley
The departure of state medalist Madison Gambrell will leave a void at this weight class but after a stellar freshman campaign, sophomore Daniel Gaytan looks to fill the spot and continue his winning ways. Coming off a 4th place state finish and a Valley Championship, he’ll be looking to make the adjustment to compete against older and stronger wrestlers at 112lbs. Junior Andy Ia provides strong support at this weight class, placing in several varsity tournaments a year ago. Sophomore Zach Gilman is also back at this weight class along with the addition of freshman Jason Ladd.

2009 Starter: Ben Omata
2009 Result: 4th TRAC

Coming back at this weight for his final season is senior Ben Omata. After placing 8th in the Valley as a freshman but coming up short a season ago, Omata will be looking to qualify for the state and complete his third season as a Cougar starter. Omata will be pushed by sophomore Vicente Hernandez who comes back after a very successful freshman year, including placement at varsity tournaments. Another wrestler competing for the spot is junior Gage Freeeman with existing varsity experience.

2009 Starter: Clinton McAlester
2009 Result: 6th State

What is expected to be one of the more hotly contested weight classes, several underclassmen vie for the staring spot and look to make a name for themselves in 2010. Junior Juan Salas has already had varsity success but has wrestled behind Jonathan Gay and Clinton McAlester over the past two seasons. Sophomore Devin Everk comes off of a great Spring & Summer, looking to make his first appearance in the varsity lineup for the Cougars.

2009 Starter: Sonny Cervantes
2009 Result: State Qualifier

After battling for a starting spot all season in 2009, senior Sonny Cervantes made the most of his opportunity last year finishing with 3 wins at the state championships. He’s looking to improve on that performance in 2010 and bring home his first state medal. Sophomore Jake Cap returns to this weight class as well.

2009 Starter: Alec Dieter
2009 Result: 6th State
Senior Clinton McAlester has two state medals to his name and only one thing on his mind in 2010 – a state championship. After two very successful seasons, the senior looks to finish his Cougar career amongst the all-time leaders and place a picture on the very elusive north end of the Clovis Wrestling room wall. He’ll be pushed by rising star junior Brady Bersano who has enjoyed varsity success last season and is ready to break into the lineup.

2009 Starter: Ben Kelley
2009 Result: 3rd TRAC

Look for this weight class to be filled by young talent and some of the rising Cougar stars. Sophomore Chase Bohny and sophomore Tyler White both enjoyed surprising success as freshman varsity wrestlers. After watching the state championships last year from the stands, they both look to break into the lineup and earn a spot on the floor for this March.

2009 Starter: Scott Sakaguchi
2009 Result: State Champion

Undefeated State Champion (now at Oregon State) Scott Sakaguchi’s departure will be tough shoes to fill for any Clovis wrestler. But senior Alec Dieter had a breakthrough season a year ago with a TRAC Championship, runner-up finish at the Valley, and a 6th place state medal. He’ll be looking to continue his dramatic year-over-year improvement and has an eye on Saturday night for this year’s state tournament. Others hoping to vie for the spot include 2-year letterman junior Christian Velarde and freshman Martin Tovar.

2009 Starter: Cameren Kelley
2009 Result: Valley Champion

With the departure of state medalist and Valley Champion Cameren Kelley, this is another hotly contested weight amongst rising Cougar stars. Sophomore Colby Thompson filled in the varsity lineup a year ago and enjoyed good success. Sophomore Dakota Gordon played the same role and wrestled several varsity events with equal results. They will all push each other for this year’s spot.

2009 Starter: Blake Thompson
2009 Result: 4th TRAC

Trying to be a starter for his third time in as many years, junior Blake Thompson will look to continue where he left off last year and earn his first trip to the big stage this year in March. Pushing Thompson will be returning 2008 state contestant senior Tyler Ceremello after missing all of last season due to personal issues. Another future star here is freshman Adrian Salas, brother of current team member Juan Salas. Salas was the Junior High State Champion from a year ago and competed well with top level varsity opponents over the Summer. Junior Matt Rocha also will return and look to improve upon a successful first season with the team. Other newcomers at this weight include freshman Jack Isles.

2009 Starter: Zach Nevills
2009 Result: 5th State

This weight will likely be occupied by sophomore Zach Nevills, coming off a 5th place finish at the State Championships from a year ago and becoming the heaviest freshman ever to place at the California State Tournament. Nevills will look to improve on his finish from last year and has eyes on a rendezvous with the raised platform on the first Saturday night in March. Sophomore Ryan Davies will provide strong support to this weight class with lots of varsity experience a season ago, including an 8th place finish at the Zinkin Classic.

2009 Starter: Tommy Burriel
2009 Result: 6th State

Back for one final run is 2x Central Section Champion and 2x state medalist senior Tommy Burriel. After a slightly disappointing finish to 2009, Burriel has been all business this Spring & Summer and has his sights set squarely on a state championship. He also looks to complete his career as one of the all-time greats in Clovis history. Burriel will be pushed by senior Daren Barbo who possesses a few years of varsity experience and hopes to make his final year a good one. Others challenging at this weight include freshman Sam Zigarelli and junior Santiago Garcia.

2009 Starter: Taylor Ferguson
2009 Result: 2nd TRAC

Returning at this weight are two wrestlers who split time in the varsity lineup from a year ago. Junior Taylor Ferguson will battle it out with senior Devon Barbo for the rights to the 215lbs spot and an opportunity at qualifying for their first state championship. Back for his third season after a much improved sophomore year is junior Orem Camarena.

2009 Starter: Devon Barbo
2009 Result: 4th TRAC

With Barbo competing for the 215 spot again, the heavyweight spot will likely be occupied by junior Jesus Castaneda. After spotting into the starting lineup a year ago, Jesus looks to bring maturity and toughness to a weigh that has troubled the Cougars since the departure of 2x state medalist Jonathen Zamora in 2008. Giving Castaneda a battle will be senior Max Howard and potentially the loser of the 215lbs battle between Ferguson and Barbo.

After some moves in the off-season shook up the staff more than expected, the core of the Clovis staff is intact and ready for another great season. Steve Tirapelle will guide his 13th Clovis squad with help from invaluable assistants Ben Holscher, who lead the Cougars in 2009, and son Adam Tirapelle, back for his 6th year with the program. Also returning as key staff members include Eric LeGarreta, Scott Moore, Nara Sihavong, and back after a 5-year absence is former Cougar assistant Pete Samhammer. Joining the staff this year is former Fresno State wrestler Sean Carlson, ready to fill big shoes in working with the lighter weights. Leading Clark Junior High for the 2nd straight season is veteran coach Kenny Martinez who looks to continue their winning ways. Clark is undefeated in both duals and tournaments over the past TWO seasons!

Departed are former assistant and new Clovis West Head Coach, Ralph Garcia; former assistant and new Central Head Coach, Troy Tirapelle; former assistant and new Central assistant coach, Gabe Flores; and longtime assistant coach Scott Saxton. We wish all our former wrestlers and coaches continued success in their new endeavors and thank them for their years of service to the Clovis Wrestling program.

December 5th – The Grizz @ Central HS
December 11th & 12th – Clovis West Shootout & Ironman Tournament
December 18th & 19th – Zinkin Classic @ Buchanan HS
January 8th & 9th – Doc Buchanan @ Clovis HS
January 13th – CLOVIS EAST
January 20th – MADERA
January 21st – Temecula Valley
January 22nd & 23rd – Temecula Valley Invitational
January 27th – BUCHANAN
February 2nd – CENTRAL
February 5th & 6th – Mission San Jose Invitational
February 10th – CLOVIS WEST
February 13th – TRAC Championships @ Clovis HS
February 19th & 20th – Valley Championships @ Buchanan HS
February 27th – Central Section Masters Championships @ Lemoore HS
March 5th & 6th – California State Championships @ Rabobank Arena (Bakersfield, CA)

Final 2009 Videos to YouTube

The final two videos of the 2009 Season are now available on the most widely accessible video sharing network in the world. See them both here.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

2009-2010 Kick Off

Welcome back for a new school year and soon an exciting new wrestling season! We'll be getting things kicked-off this week with a few meetings to make sure student-athletes, coaches, and parents are all on the same page as we begin the 2009-2010 academic year.

Wrestling Team Meeting
Monday, August 31st @ 2:45pm in the Clovis High Wrestling Room

Wrestling Parent Meeting
Wednesday, September 2nd @ 6:15pm in the Clovis High Wrestling Room

Meetings will last approximately 45 minutes so please be punctual. And please make every effort to attend as we will be discussing lots of things regarding the upcoming season. We don't have the opportunity to reach all of the parents but a few times per year and handouts will be given to help mark important dates/events/items.

Agenda Items:
  • Student-athlete expectations
  • Coaching staff
  • Spirit Pack info
  • Fundraiser dates
  • Pre-season schedule
  • Singlets
  • Travel
  • Study Table
  • "Last Supper"
  • Special Events (ie NCAA All-Star Match)
  • ...and many more

**Also, the completed 2009 Clovis Wrestling Highlight video will be available for purchase at the Parent Meeting -- $5 for a DVD and $15 for a Blu-Ray HD copy.

Monday, August 10, 2009


As school is fast approaching this also means the 2009/10 Wrestling Season is approaching!!!!!

We have set a tenative date for SEPTEMBER 2, 2009 --- 6:15 --- Wrestling Room.. Please save this date!!!

Your attendance is very important!!!

Also... as you can see the video is done!!! If you would like to purchase.. .please email me @

Thanks and can't wait for the season to begin!! Go Cougars!!!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Good News!

Good news all. The highlight video is completed! Two more segments to go with what's already been produced to make a DVD of approximately 25 minutes. Just finishing the necessary techie stuff now to get it up on the web and start making the DVD's.

2009 Highlight Video
The Story
Paper Planes
[Segment 3]
[Segment 4]

Check back often as it should be up soon! (I know I've said that a lot but it really is FINISHED now)

Monday, August 3, 2009

Insane Wrestling Highlights!

This is the most highly skilled wrestling country in the world, doing what they do best amongst their best -- the 2009 Russian National Freestyle Championships!

Here are the highlights, in FloSloMo...

Wrestling Videos on Flowrestling

Great Story!!! TEAMWORK!!!!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Highlight Video Update

Thank you all for patiently waiting. There has been a small hiccup (Dylan), along with some spit-up, that has prevented me from finishing the video by now. I'm very close but want to make it look right before sending it out.

I know some of you are dying to get your copy and I promise to get it done soon. It's in the works!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Thank you!

Thank you to all that donated drinks/candy this weekend!!! Very much appreciated!..... Now on to the next...

Friday, June 12, 2009

Official Downloadable Summer Schedule!

Summer wrestling starts next Monday!  Practices will be Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

Monday - 6:00-7:30pm
Wednesday - 6:00-7:30pm
Thursday - 4:30-6:00pm

Also, DO NOT miss the 3 Summer Dual Dates that we have arranged for the boys.  These are MANDATORY attendance!

June 19-20
June 26-27
July 10-11

See the full Summer schedule here:

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Summer Duals Donations Needed

As you are aware the first summer dual is June 19th & 20th. We are asking for help for donations of drinks.. Water, Powerade, Gatorade, Soda's... This is a summer tournament so we are not required to use "Coke" products!!!! Candy will be sold to... Smart & Final/Costco is a great place to buy!!

As mentioned in our last parent meeting,, any donations will cut down on the expense for these VERY important summer duals for our kids!

Please contact myself or Kerri for questions & your commitment to help with the donations!

Cindy McAlester - - 289-4351
Kerri Nevills - - 260-5092

Thank you in advance for your help!!!

Sunday, June 7, 2009


HE'S HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 7 LB 15 OZ!!! ALL SAFE AND SOUND!!!!!!



Saturday, June 6, 2009

Baby Watch Update

8:49.... Kim is still at home.. check back tomorrow for update!!

Sunday,, June 7th!!

Kim admitted to hospital this am around 3:30.... just received another text . things are moving along!!! Dylan will be here today!!!!

12:20pm ~~~~~ Kim is starting to push!!! Should be within the hour!!!

Baby Watch Update

Just and FYI..... baby watch has begun!!! Baby Dylan has started his plan to arrive!!!

Brett Sanchez wanted to know if it was going to be on U Stream!! Per Adam,, the answer is no!! Said would be the last live stream as Kim would kill him!!! I don't know.. but thought that was funny funny funny!!! So Brett!!!

Check back for updates!!!!!

Sunday, May 31, 2009

"Paper Planes" Now Playing

Check out some of the highlights from the early part of the 2009 season set to "Paper Planes" by M.I.A. only on YouTube.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Wrestling Awards Banquet

Thanks again to Coaches Garcia and Holscher for the job you guys did this past season. Good luck Coach Garcia in your new coaching opportunity.

Great job boys and enjoy those rings! Looking forward to seeing more next year.

Monday, May 25, 2009

'The Story' Hits YouTube

The video is now available on the most widely accessible video sharing network in the world.  See it here.

Saturday, May 23, 2009


Parent meeting May 28, 2009 @ 7:30 at Wrestling Room!!!

The boys are already working for next year... we need to be as well!!!

See you there... spread the word!

Where Memories Lie

Catch a glimpse of the memories made in the 2009 Clovis Wrestling season.  A season marked by:
  • The continuation of a 27-match dual win streak, lasting over 2-1/2 years
  • League & Section Titles
  • A 4th Place State Finish
  • 6 State Medalists - the most in the state of California for the 3rd straight season - Daniel Gaytan (4th), Clinton McAlester (6th), Alec Dieter (6th), Scott Sakaguchi (1st), Zach Nevills (5th), and Tommy Burriel (6th)
  • Our 21st Individual State Champion - Scott Sakaguchi
  • Two freshman became the first freshman ever to medal at the State Championships for Clovis High School - Daniel Gaytan and Zach Nevills
  • 2 Senior National Medalists - Madison Gambrell (2nd) and Scott Sakaguchi (3rd)
  • Captured 11 of 14 weight class championships at the JV TRAC League Tournament, highlighting the best frosh/soph group to ever come through Clovis High School
  • Undefeated Clark Junior High season for the 2nd consecutive year
  • 4 wrestlers moving on to wrestle in college: Scott Sakaguchi (Oregon State), Madison Gambrell (Grand Canyon University), Jon Gay (Fresno City CC), and Cameren Kelley (Fresno City CC)
  • First team in California history to 100 State Medals!  101 now since 1973.
  • Still the record holders for the most team state championships, the most individual state champions, the most individual medals won, and the most Top 5 team finishes at the state tournament
See "The Story" in High Definition (HD) and many more at

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Congrats Maddy!!

Congratulations to Madison Gambrell!!! Grand Canyon University bound!!!!

You proved to all of us.. you don't give up!! Finished the year strong... 2nd at Senior Nationals!!

So very proud of you!! Who would have ever thought you and Clint would end up being Cougars and winning a State Championship together!! An amazing ride Madison Gambrell!!!

Congrats Maddy, James & Nichole!! Job well done!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Awards - Save the Date

Awards will be handed out May 22nd at 6 pm in cafeteria!!

Highlight video will be shown as well... so save the date!!

details to follow...

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Saturday, May 2, 2009

"The Streak"

Today on ESPN Classic @ 3:00....

Great wrestling film chronicling the Brandon High School wrestling squad as they work to extend a 451 match winning streat that dates back to 1974

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Cougar Country Barbecue is Happening May 9th!!

The Cougar Country Barbecue is the primary activity for raising money for the Clovis High student clubs, sport teams & overall student needs.

The Cougar Country Barbecue will be held at the Clovis Rodeo Grounds starting at 6:00 pm and tickets are $25.00 for food and entertainment!

Always a good time... contact Coach Tirapelle for tickets.... They expect participation from our wrestling club!!

Would be fun for all to go!!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Thank you!

Wanted to extend to Coach Ben Holscher a very big Thank You for stepping up when needed the most!! No one expected what hit this team in December but with Ben it was a seamless transition! Boys were very lucky to have him step up!!

The team is back!! Great to see Adam & Steve back where they belong!!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Welcome back!

Wecome back Coaches Steve & Adam Tirapelle! It was great seeing you guys in the room again tonight.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Summer Wrestling Opportunities Scheduled

Summer Wrestling Opportunities @ Clovis HS:

June 19-20
June 26-27
July 10-11

If you are interested in summer folkstyle wrestling, Clovis High School is hosting summer scrimmage matches on these dates. These are a great opportunity for your wrestlers to get some outstanding summer competition in a very low key environment.

Each weekend, wrestling begins around 3:00pm on Friday and ends around 7:00pm. On Saturday, wrestling begins at 9:00am and ends around 1:00pm.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

State Champion Photo Added!

The new wrestling room photo (also available for view on the website) of our 21st State Champion at Clovis High School -- Scott Sakaguchi. Come see it along side our other great champions at Clovis HS.

Congrats Scott on a great year and a great career!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Scott Sakaguchi - Wrestler of the Year & All American!

Congratulations to Scott Sakaguchi -- Fresno Bee's Wrestler of the Year!

UPATE----All American and 3rd in the Nation! Great things ahead for this young man!

Here's a list of the Cougars making the team.

First Team
Scott Sakaguchi - Wrestler of the Year
Tommy Burriel

Second Team
Daniel Gaytan
Clinton McAlester
Alec Dieter
Zach Nevills

Senior Nationals

Good Luck to Scott & Madison!!!!

Clovis sends 2 Wrestlers... 2 All American's!!!! OUTSTANDING!!

Scott wins first match 11-6

Scott pins in 2nd match
Scott wins 4-2

Scott lost 14-6.. word is the kid was a beast!
Scott won 2-1 to become All-American!
Scott won 3-2 and is now in the Top 6.
Scott won 3-1 and now wrestles for 3rd!
Scott, like he's done all year, won again 4-1 and is the 3rd place finisher at 145lbs! Congrats Scotty! ---- Coach Adam

I second that!!!!!! Underclassman.... watch and learn!!! ... Mama Mc

Madison pins in first match
Madison wins 18-8
Madison pins - semi's next!
Madison won in the semis 10-8!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

2009 Jr. High State Placers

Congratulations to the following Clark wrestlers for their hard work and performance at the 2009 Jr. High State Wrestling Tournament held last Saturday, March 21, at Fresno City College:

Adrian Salas 1st Place 158 lbs
Nick Nevills 1st Place 170 lbs
Sam Zigarelli 5th Place 189 lbs
Anthony Vallejo 6th Place 185 lbs
Sergio Enloe 6th Place 112 lbs
Matt Czenshinski 6th Place 78 lbs

Mandatory Volunteers!! - Western States

How's that for an oxymoron?! I know that everyone, or at least the majority of us, is aware that Western States is a major fundraiser for the Clovis Wrestling Program. We ALL need to step up and help this weekend...Friday night AND all day Saturday. Our greatest need is in the snack bar on Saturday. We need people helping (in shifts) from 7:00 am until approximately 5:00 pm. I have spoken to a few of you but I haven't been able to reach the majority of you for a number of voicemail, your # has changed, I don't have your #, or you're dodging me. :-) We had tremendous support during the Doc Buchanan Tournament and I believe that no one was "stuck" for hours in the Snack Bar. If we ALL "chip in", it makes it easier on all of us. Please call me at 260-5092 and let me know what 3-hour shift you would like to work. I am working at Clovis High School right now so if I am in class and I don't answer the phone, leave a message. Thank You!! Kerri Nevills

Shift Times: 7am - 10am, 10am - 1pm, 1pm-4pm, 4pm-6pm (closing/cleaning up)

Monday, March 23, 2009

Maxprep Photo's

Podium Photo's for State are up and available for purchase!! ---- go to photo's then wrestling...

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Western States - March 28th

Just a reminder to all parents, Western States Tournament is just around the corner! This tournament is ran 100% by us and is by far our biggest fund raiser!

Kerri Nevills will be contacting you very soon for volunteers! Remember, without this tournament our 2nd/3rd teams will not be able to attend tournaments throughout the year!!

Thank you in advance for your help!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Congrats to the Clark 2009 NOR CAL TOC Placers

Congratulations to the following Clark wrestlers at the 2009 NOR CAL TOC Tournament.

1. Nick Nevills, 1st at 168 lbs
2. Jason Ladd, 6th at 108 lbs
3. Sergio Enloe, 4th at 112 lbs

Next up is the CA Jr. High State Tournament, Mar 21, at Fresno City College.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Final Top 40 National Prep Rankings 3-10-09

Posted: 03/10/2009 at 4:13:03 pm
Final Rankings by Bob Preusse

1. Blair Academy N.J.
2. St. Paris Graham Ohio
3. Apple Valley Minn.
4. Central Dauphin Pa.
5. Wyoming Seminary Pa.
6. Northampton Pa.
7. Central Mountain Pa.
8. Simley Minn.
9. Huxley Ballard Iowa
10. Christiansburg Va.
11. St. Mark Del.
12. Brandon Fla.
13. St. Edward Ohio
14. Cumberland Valley Pa.
15. Massillon Perry Ohio
16. Blue Mountain Pa.
17. Montini Catholic Ill.
18. Poway Calif.
19. Clovis Calif.
20. Collins Hill Ga.
21. Lake Stevens Wash.
22. Reynolds Pa.
23. Wadsworth Ohio
24. Buchanan Calif.
25. Wisconsin Rapids Wisc.
26. Wausau West Wisc.
27. Long Branch N.J.
28. Hastings Minn.
29. High Point N. J.
30. Park Hill Mo.
31. Flathead Mont.
32. Billings Skyview Mont.
33. Oak Park River Forest Ill.
34. Grand Island Neb.
35. Crown Point Ind.
36. Goddard Kans.
37. Roseburg Oreg.
38. Waverly-Shell Rock Iowa
39. Iowa City West Iowa
40. Ponca City Okla

Western States - March 28th

Just a reminder to all parents, Western States Tournament is just around the corner! This tournament is ran 100% by us and is by far our biggest fund raiser!

Kerri Nevills will be contacting you very soon for volunteers! Remember, without this tournament our 2nd/3rd teams will not be able to attend tournaments throughout the year!!

Thank you in advance for your help!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The End of Another Journey

Well said. There's NOTHING like the State Tournament. Nothing will open your eyes to the possibilities of what wrestling can be, or what you can become, like BEING THERE!

Hope to see all the Cougars and Cougar fans there supporting our boys on the chance to do it all over again.

IX...the time has come ;)

Time has Come!

The time is drawing near!! Practices are winding down,,,, clothes are being packed,,,, nerves are starting to surface.... I know you guys are ready!!! You have put in a lot of sweat,, some tears., a lot of victories... they tried to shake you guys up before the season started but a certain Coach and his assistants stepped up to the plate when you needed them the most! They have guided you thru this journey to become a state qualifier,,, some if not all will become a state placer,, a few others may come home as a state champion... all with hopes of bringing home another Team Title!!

Win or lose ,.. Mama Mc is so very proud of all of you! You have become a TEAM and a team with a mission!! Now... go have some fun and kick some booty!!

I would encourage all the wrestlers and families to try and make it down for at least Saturday! Nothing will motivate them more than watching the state finals!! Just purchase the CHEAP tickets as we sit "alone" in the rafters!! We have grown so close and this is our family!!

Mama Mc :)

Monday, March 2, 2009

Clovis Wrestlers on a Singlet Fun Run

Sunday, March 1st: Take a look at these wrestlers getting ready to go on a fun run to Bobby Salazars to grab some food. They call it a "Singlet Fun Run."

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Clovis Wins 2009 CS Masters Championship!

Here is a Blog entry from Zach Ewing found at

It's always nice when the team title comes down to the heavyweight match, and that's what we had here. If Buchanan's Kyle Papendorf can beat Lemoore's Loren Baize, as he did last week, the Bears edge past Clovis. If Baize wins, the Cougars win. Think they're rooting for the guy in purple a little bit? After a scoreless first period, Baize gets a second-period escape for a 1-0 lead. Front headlock locked up for Baize, but Papendorf wiggles out of bounds. Papendorf briefly had a single-leg, but Baize backs out. No takedowns in the second period, either. Now Papendorf on bottom. Baize is doing a fine riding job here in the third period. One minute to go. Twice Papendorf has been on his feet but Baize has taken him back down both times. Out of bounds with 40 ticks left. No stalling warnings, so Papendorf really needs to get out. Baize is a big fella, though, and it's not easy. Can he indirectly clinch Clovis the team title? It sure looks like it. Papendorf is in trouble, and that's it. 1-0 for Loren Baize of Lemoore, and a 1.5-point team victory for Clovis.

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Central Section Masters - LIVE Saturday

Clovis Wrestling Streaming Video (w/ chat)
Clovis Wrestling Streaming Video Channel

Want to interact with other wrestling fans while you watch?
Go to the official Clovis Wrestling Streaming Video channel at, sign up for a free account with, and you’ll be able to chat with wrestling fans from around the globe, all watching what you’re watching!

Having issues with the video feed?
Get the latest version of the Adobe Flash Player NOW (Version so you can watch Clovis Wrestling feeds throughout the year! Just click that link, uncheck the 'Free Google Toolbar' button, and hit 'Agree and install now'. Follow the instructions and you're there!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Updated National Rankings 2-16-09

Mon, 02/16/2009 - 21:33 — admin
High School Prep 40 2/16/2009
Mon, 02/16/2009 - 21:33 — admin
AMATEUR WRESTLING NEWS PREP 40 February 16, 2009 by Bob Preusse
1. Blair Academy N.J. 2. St. Paris Graham Ohio3. Apple Valley Minn.4. Central Dauphin Pa.5. Northampton Pa. 6. Central Mountain Pa.7. Wyoming Seminary Pa.8. Huxley Ballard Iowa9. Christiansburg Va. 10. Simley Minn.11. Brandon Fla.12. St. Mark Del.13. Clovis Calif.14. Cumberland Valley Pa.15. Wadsworth Ohio16. Massillon Perry Ohio17. St. Edward Ohio 18. Blue Mountain Pa.19. Reynolds Pa.20. Montini Catholic Ill.21. Poway Calif.22. Collins Hill Ga.23. Buchanan Calif.24. Lake Stevens Wash.25. Wisconsin Rapids Wisc.26. Wausau West Wisc.27. Hastings Minn.28. High Point N. J.29. Park Hill Mo.30. Roseburg Oreg.31. Iowa City West Iowa 32. Flathead Mont.33. Long Branch N.J. 34. Billings Skyview Mont.35. Oak Park River Forest Ill.36. Grand Island Neb.37. Mishawaka Ind.38. Blue Springs Mo.39. Ponca City Okla.40. Goddard Kans.

Let's go cougars!!

The time has come!!! Now go get it done boys!! You have worked so hard this last year.. let NO ONE take this from you... YOU ARE READY!!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Back on TRAC (pun intended)

With an undefeated dual season secured and a least a share of the TRAC Championship looking probable, the Cougars showed up on Saturday at the TRAC Championship tournament and did what they always do in the post-season, rose to the occasion.

The Clovis team won 7 individual TRAC titles and put 10 wrestlers into the finals to run away from Buchanan and cinch up an outright league championship for the 2nd straight season!  Winning titles were the two super-frosh Daniel Gaytan (103) and Zach Nevills (171); the seasoned veterans Clinton McAlester (125), Scott Sakaguchi (145), and Tommy Burriel (189); and creating a reversal of fortune from earlier losses were Alec Dieter (135) and Cameren Kelley (152) to bring the Cougar faithful to their feet and give each of them a TRAC Championship.  For Dieter, his first major tournament victory could not have been more sweet!

All 14 wrestlers advanced to the Yosemite Division Valley Championships next week at Lemoore High School, the toughest state qualifier of them all.  The boys will need to be ready, and we know Cougars always are!

1. Clovis - 256
2. Buchanan 230.5
3. Clovis West 179.5
4. Clovis East 158
5. Madera 77
6. Central 44.5

103 - Daniel Gaytan - 1st
112 - Madison Gambrell - 2nd
119 - Ben Omata - 4th
125 - Clinton McAlester - 1st
130 - Sonny Cervantes - 2nd
135 - Alec Dieter - 1st
140 - Ben Kelley - 4th
145 - Scott Sakaguchi - 1st
152 - Cameren Kelley - 1st
160 - Blake Thompson - 4th
171 - Zach Nevills - 1st
189 - Tommy Burriel - 1st
215 - Taylor Ferguson - 2nd
285 - Devon Barbo - 4th

9 in 09

THE TRADITION LIVES ON................

I wouldn't call them ordinary, but they are. That's what's extraordinary about them. No one appreciates the agonizing effort they've had to make. Now that their years of training have yielded such spectacular results, everyone is talking about their "God given talent". That's how those who don't train very hard comfort themselves.

Adam passed this along to me about this team last month.... I think it's a perfect statement about these boys and coaches!!


Way to go Cougars!!! Keep the momentum going and you will succeed.

Coaches another outstanding job. You have trained the team and led the way, now it's time for the boys to attack these last few hurdles. We know they can do it.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Good Luck Cougars

Good luck this weekend boys!!!! We know you will shine bright!!!

Cougars 27th Closes 2009!

The Clovis team put up their 27th dual victory in a row on Wednesday night, defeating a game Clovis West squad 36-18 in the last league dual of the season. This streak now spans more than 2 years and since this was the last dual of the year, will continue into the 2009-2010 season.

Up next, what really matters - the post-season! Saturday is the "Toughest League in the State" when the T.R.A.C. Championship Tournament kicks off at Central High School (East Campus). Don't miss it!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Climbing the Charts

In the lastest AWN Prep 40 National Team Rankings, the Cougars have moved up to their highest national ranking ever at #14.  The previous high was earlier this year at #15.  Clovis is the highest rated wrestling team West of the Mississippi River.  They are joined by #21 Poway and #23 Buchanan to round out the California schools. 

by Bob Preusse

1. Blair Academy N.J.
2. St. Paris Graham Ohio
3. Apple Valley Minn.
4. Central Dauphin Pa.
5. Northampton Pa.
6. Central Mountain Pa.
7. Wyoming Seminary Pa.
8. Huxley Ballard Iowa
9. Cumberland Valley Pa.
10. Christiansburg Va.
11. Simley Minn.
12. Brandon Fla.
13. St. Mark Del.
14. Clovis Calif.
15. Wadsworth Ohio
16. Massillon Perry Ohio
17. St. Edward Ohio
18. Blue Mountain Pa.
19. Reynolds Pa.
20. Montini Catholic Ill.
21. Poway Calif.
22. Collins Hill Ga.
23. Buchanan Calif.
24. Lake Stevens Wash.
25. Wisconsin Rapids Wisc.
26. Wausau West Wisc.
27. Hastings Minn.
28. High Point N. J.
29. Park Hill Mo.
30. Roseburg Oreg.
31. Iowa City West Iowa
32. Long Branch N.J.
33. Tulsa Union Okla.
34. Billings Skyview Mont.
35. Oak Park River Forest Ill.
36. Grand Island Neb.
37. Mishawaka Ind.
38. Flathead Mont.
39. Blue Springs Mo.
40. Goddard Kans.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Action Photos by John Caton

Please visit John Caton's Smugmug web page and check out some outstanding action shots of the boys this season.  You can download photos or purchase prints in a variety of sizes.  And if you see John at matches taking photos, please tell him thanks for all the great pictures!

The photo is of John Caton and his two boys, Andy (left) and Jeff (right).

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Clovis Frosh/Soph Shine Bright

The annual Golden State Invitational was held this weekend at Clovis North, where the best of the area's freshman and sophomores get together to compete. Much like the Clovis varsity squad, the Frosh/Soph team at the Golden State Invite did not disappoint.

As a team, Clovis finished in 1st place with 240.5 points, 53.5 points better than 2nd place Clovis West. The Cougars had many place winners and a few champions at the 2nd annual event.

Team Scores
1. Clovis - 240.5
2. Clovis West - 187
3. Buchanan - 133.5
4. Madera South - 114
5. Madera - 110

Cougar Results
103 - Andy Ia - 1st
112 - Gage Freeman - 5th
119 - Vicente Hernandez - 4th
119 - Devin Everk - 5th
125 - Juan Salas - 1st
125 - Jake Cap - 4th
130 - Brady Bersano - 1st
135 - Tyler White - 4th
140 - Chase Bohny - 3rd
145 - Colby Thompson - 1st
145 - Dakota Gordon - 2nd
160 - Matt Rocha - 3rd
171 - Christian Jackson - 2nd
215 - Taylor Ferguson - 1st
215 - Orem Camarena - 6th
285 - Jesus Castaneda - 2nd

Clark Runs the Table

For the second straight year, the Clark Chieftans can make the same claim - NO ONE can beat them. The team finished off the season Saturday with another 1st place performance, winning the CIAL League Championship against the rival Clovis Unified intermediate schools.

That takes the unbeaten streak for the Chieftans to TWO YEARS, and sheds some obvious light on the future of Clovis Wrestling!

Tournament Finish
1. Clark
2. Kastner
3. Alta Sierra
4. Granite Ridge
5. Reyburn

Clark Medalists
76lbs - Cszeshinski - 2nd
89lbs - Herrera - 2nd
95lbs - McAlester - 1st
100lbs - Velarde - 2nd
103lbs - Calloway - 2nd
108lbs - Ladd - 1st
112lbs - Juarragui - 2nd
135lbs - Whitehead - 2nd
153lbs - Salas - 1st
168lbs - Nevills - 1st
185lbs - Zigarelli - 2nd
205lbs - Valejo - 2nd
235lbs - Cruz - 2nd