Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Cheesehead Pre-Seeds, Live Tournament Link

Here are the pre-seeds for The Cheeshead for all Clovis wrestlers:

103: Andy Ia-#19
112: Jonas Gaytan-#12
119: Daniel Gaytan-#6
125: Vicente Hernandez-#12
130: Juan Salas-#9
135: Jason Ladd-#11
140: Brady Bersano-#10
145: Christian Velarde-#11
152: Colby Thompson-#14
160: Blake Thompson-#8
171: Zach Nevills-#2
189: Ryan Davies-#9
215: Taylor Ferguson-#6
285: Nick Nevills-#8

You can follow the tournament on TrackWrestling as well at this link:

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Great News, LIVE Cheesehead Broadcast!

Thanks to our friends at The Cheesehead and Wayne Nevills, Clovis Wrestling will be broadcasting matches from Kaukauna, WI on December 30-31 for all to enjoy!

Cheesehead Lineup
103 - Andy Ia
112 - Jonas Gaytan
119 - Daniel Gaytan
125 - Vicente Hernandez
130 - Juan Salas
135 - Jason Ladd
140 - Brady Bersano
145 - Christian Velarde
152 - Colby Thompson
160 - Blake Thompson
171 - Zach Nevills
189 - Ryan Davies
215 - Taylor Ferguson
285 - Nick Nevills

Cheesehead Schedule
Dec 30th - Wrestling begins at 12:15pm CST
Dec 31st - Wrestling begins at 9:00am CST, Finals at 5:30pm CST

Streaming Video Link (1 of 2 places, depending on the connection at Kaukauna HS):
Preferred -
Backup -

LIVE Updates

Flowrestling - Cheesehead Preview

Very funny and informative!

Monday, December 27, 2010

The Open Mat's 2010 Cheesehead Preview

TOM’s 2010 Cheesehead Preview
Published on December 27, 2010 by viratas · 2 Comments Field Features Top Individuals, Teams

Willie Saylor, Editor

The Cheesehead, staged at Kaukauna High School in Wisconsin has become one of the premier prep wrestling competitions.

Last year’s tournament included four of our Top20 teams and an honorable mention, while this year’s field ups that to seven of the Top20.

With last year’s edition of The Cheesehead, held on the first two days of 2010, and this year’s tournament slated for the last two, maybe it’s poetic that Blair Academy gets a shot at redemption in the same calendar year.

To understand how we got to a place that has the most sincere national title implications, let’s revisit how this year’s field culminated.

Blair (NJ), then ranked #1 in the country, won the 2009 Ironman and looked to be on the precipice of yet another team title as the best squad in the country. Meanwhile, then-#2Apple Valley (MN) was rolling along, posting tournament victories at The Cheesehead and The Clash. So when then-#3St. Paris-Graham (OH) upset Blair in their dual, TheOpenMat amed Apple Valley the new top dog in the land, and subsequently 2010 National Champions.

With AV having almost their entire squad back and being the incumbent titlist, they were a no-brainer to begin this year as the Preseason #1. What did that mean for the Cheesehead?

For Blair to unseat Valley they’d need to knock them off head-to-head. Coach Buxton and the Bucs chose to attempt that in Wisconsin.

And with the Cheesehead’s unique hybrid tournament bracketing and scoring system, extrapolating tournament points is a dynamic situation. With credit given for places 9th and lower, The Cheesehead measures not only tournament-team prowess, but also dual-like balance.

In TOM’s Official 2010 Cheesehead Preview, we’ll list the competitors from all 24 schools at each weight, highlighting the contenders and their achievements and making our picks.

Follow along with us as we prepare for what figures to be an interesting competition, and a compelling argument for national supremacy.

And stay tuned for our continuing coverage which will include game-day live blogs and daily recaps.

***NOTE: With registration not yet completed, some line-up changes may occur. Check back for updates throughout the day Tuesday.

Weight Class Capsules:

**TOM National rank preceds name, state rank follows.**

Team Legend: Apple Valley (AV), Archbishop Moeller (AM), Arrowhead Union (AU), Blair Academy (BA), Clovis, (CLO), Deforest (DEF), Hartford (HAR), Kaukauna (KKA), Kennesaw Mountain (KM), Kenyon-Wananmingo (KW), Lockport (LP), Marmion Academy (MA), Milton (MIL), Montini Catholic (MC), Muskego (MUS), Pewaukee (PWK), Plainfield Central (PC), Port Washington (PW), Sheboygan Falls (SF), Simley (SIM), Stoughton (STO), Wisconsin Rapids (WR), Wrightstown (WTN), Wyoming Seminary (WS), Yorkville (YRK)

LY Final: Jordan Kingsley, AV, dec. Joe Umlauf, Wasau West, 2-1

The Field:
AV: Seth Gross, #2
BA: #6 Joey McKenna
CLO: Andy Ia
HAR: #16 Bobby Nachreiner , #2
KKA: Riley Refke
MA: #12 Johnny Jimenez, #2
MC: Tommy Pawleski, #9
SIM: #8 Klye Gliva, #2
WR: Jason Munoz, #1
WS: Tyler Ponte


There’s been a good deal of anticipation for Valley’s Gross, who’s supposed to be very talented. He’s yet to get down to 103, but will be here.

Joey McKenna, the highest ranked in this field, has been wrestling lights-out. He’s this summer’s Cadet Greco Champ, and is coming off a Beast of the East finals appearance.

Also wrestling well is Johnny Jimenez who won the Dvorak in a weight that had three nationally ranked participants.
Nachreiner is back down at 103 after starting the year at 112. He’s won several Fargo medals and was this year’s Fila Cadet GR Champ with a win over McKenna.

Kyle Gliva was 5th here last year and is a 2x Fargo All-American.

Watch to see how Clovis’ Andy Ia does. He’s a senior and hasn’t been able to crack the line-up until now. He’s been stuck behind state ranked wrestlers his entire career. He could prove to be a force.

TOM’s Picks: 1.McKenna 2. Jimenez 3. Gliva

LY Final: Dom Malone, WS, dec. Juan Torres, Simley, 6-1

The Field:
AV: #20 Jordan Kinglsey, #1
BA: HM Max Hvolbeck
CLO: Jonas Gaytan
MA: #4 Jared Cortez, #1
MIL: John Wells, #1
MUS: Tyler Sinda, #6
PC: Nick Naseberry, #5
WTN: Brett Beuchler, #2
WS: Evan Botwin

The headliner here is Cortez, your Fargo Cadet Champ. He placed 3rd at the Ironman, but sat out the Dvorak for undisclosed reasons. Hopefully we get to see him at Cheesehead.

Kingsley has been wrestling well. He just won the Minnesota Christmas tournament with an impressive 8-2 decision over nationally recognized Nate Thomas.

Hvolbeck is also a formidable foe and is coming off place-finishes at both the Ironman and Beast.
Gaytan was a state qualifier last year, and has the talent to make noise here.

TOM’s Picks: 1. Cortez 2. Hvolbeck 3. Kingsley

LY Final: Rossi Bruno, Brandon, dec. Dakota Trom, AV, 3-2

The Field:
AV: Derek Scott, #5
AM: Brian MacVeigh
BA: #9Caleb Richardson
CLO: Daniel Gaytan, #1
KKA: Austin Hietpas
KW: Mitchell Lexvold
LP: Tony Rossi
MA: George Fisher, #2
MC: HM Kevon Powell, #6
PC: Nathan Davis, #5
SIM: Pedro Delao
WS: #6Dom Malone
YRK: Adam Wyeth

A very nice group here with two Top10 kids and California’s #1.

Malone is a National Prep and Ironman finalist. He beat Richardson in a close one for 3rd at the Beast.
Kevon Powell was 3rd here last year at 103, but has yet to compete this season.

Watch out for Nathan Davis, who made the Dvorak semifinals, but didn’t make weight for Day II there.
Gaytan was 3rd in Cali states last year.

TOM’s Picks: 1. Malone 2. Richardson 3. Gaytan

LY Final: Johnni Di Julius, Walsh Jesuit, dec. Matt Kelliher, AV, 2-1

The Field:
AV: #5Dakota Trom, #1
BA: #3Mark Grey
CLO: Devin Everk, #12
KM: Chris Murdock, #5
MA: Eddie Greco, #1
MUS: Justin Schurkenbach, #2
MC: Michael Sepke, #2
MIL: Landon Shea, #6
PW: Justin Meins, #3
SIM: HM Juan Torres, #2
STO: Nick Urso, #8
WS: Tyler Fraley

The two at the top are clear leaders here. Both #3Grey and #5Trom have dropped to 125 and have significant and lengthy national credentials.

While Juan Torres’ results are up-and-down, I’m a fan. I like his talent and his potential to do well here.

Sepke, and Meins, and Schurkenbach, all ranked 2nd in their respective state classes, placed here last year.

TOM’s Picks: 1. Grey 2. Trom 3. Schurkenbach

LY Final: Nate Skonieczny, Walsh Jesuit, dec. Colton Rasche, Montini, 6-2

The Field:
AV: Mark Hall
AU: Adam Yde
BA: #14 Todd Preston
CLO: Juan Salas, #7
LP: #13Jameson Oster, #2
MA: #3Ben Whitford, #1
SIM: Cola Jensen, #6
WR: Jake Jaborek

Mark Hall might be the talk of the country right now. The oft-traveled prodigy made waves this summer when he beat CA state champion, Alex Cisneros, and again last week when he beat nationally ranked Ben Morgan.

He’s the real deal. But expectations for this competition should be quelled. Meet Ben Whitford, who just might be the best young wrestler in the country. He was your Fargo Champ in the summer, and most recently, your Ironman Champ.

Should Hall do well here, we’ll know he’s ready for primetime NOW. This is a great bracket with, in addition to those already mentioned, Yde, who was 4th here a year ago, Preston, who places in everything, Oster, a 2x state finalist, and a host of depth.

TOM’s Picks: 1. Whitford 2. Oster 3. Preston

LY Final: Jake Sueflohn, Arrowhead, dec. Alex Dierenger, Port Washington, 10-6

The Field:
AV: #5Matt Kelliher, #1
AU: Luke Berenz
BA: #2Austin Ormsbee
MA: HM Bryce Brill, #3
MC: Drew Vrbenec, #9
SIM: Mack Short
WR: Keegan Einerson, #5
YRK: Conner Bass, #5

Another solid weight here with two nationally ranked guys and three more that are Top5 in their state.

Ormsbee was a finalist at Ironman, Beast and Fargo. Kelliher was a finalist at the Christmas Tournament and Fargo.
Brill is your young gun of the group. He was Runner-Up at Fargo Cadets down at 119.

TOM’s Picks: 1. Ormsbee 2. Kelliher 3. Brill

LY Final: Devin Scott, Apple Valley, dec. Jed Lightfoot, Yorkville, 5-2

The Field:
AV: #7Brandon Kingsley, #1
AU: #5Jake Sueflohn, #2
BA: Russ Parsons
CLO: Brady Bersano, #12
HAR: Nick Becker, #1
LP: Chris Tragos, #12
MA: Angelo Silvestro, #4
SIM: #6 Jake Short, #1
WR: Jake Raflik, #2
WS: Cole Fulk

Along with 152, this is your premier bracket. Three Top10’s highlight the field, including last year’s OW. #5Jake Sueflohn earned top honors last year after knocking off two ranked individuals.

Short and Kingsley are sitting, nationally, at 6 and 7. The two met last week with Short earning a first period fall.
It will be very interesting to see how the seeds shake out. You’d think Short and Kingsley would meet in semi’s, behind a 1-seeded Sueflohn.

Not to be overlooked is Angelo Silvestro, who just made a Dvorak finals appearance, and Becker, Wisconsin’s #1 who I think will surprise some here.

TOM’s Picks: 1. Sueflohn 2. Kingsley 3.Short

LY Final: Joey Uccardi, Plainfield, dec. Clark Glass, Brandon, 5-1

The Field:
AV: HM Dan Woiwer, #1
KM: Alex Bremner, #4
MC: Frank Baer, #1
PW: #1Alex Dierenger, #1
SIM: Nick Wanzek, #2
WR: HM Rylan Lubeck, #3
YRK: Clayton Bass, #11

A balanced group with 5 wrestlers in the Top3 of their respective states.

Fargo Junior National Freestyle Champion, Dierenger is the class of the field.

He’ll be pushed by state champion, Woiwer and state runners-up Wanzek and Lubeck.

TOM’s Picks: 1. Dierenger 2. Lubeck 3. Woiwer

LY Final: Destin McCauley, AV, dec. Joey Cozart, Brandon, 6-5

The Field:
AV: #1Destin McCauley, #1
BA: Patrick Coover
CLO: Colby Thompson
HAR: Bryar Harper, #4
KM: #14Jonathan Rivera, #1
MC: Shaun’Que McMurtry, #6
MA: Eddie Breen, #8
MC: #12Stephen Robertson, #2
WR: Kasey Einerson, #2
WTN: Jackson Fox, #5
WS: #19Eric Morris
YRK: Steve Pozeg, #5

A very deep and balanced weight here.

McCauley, the defending Cheesehead Champ, is your leader and may represent the best recruit in the Class of 2011.
Morris, is tough to score on and has been posting great performances over the last year. He is a National Prep, Fargo, and Beast Runner-Up.

Robertson is another guy wrestling extremely well. He beat Morris in Ironman semi’s and won the Dvorak last week.
Again, seeding will be very intriguing as there’s one more absolute stud waiting in the wings.

Jonathan Rivera, who was 1st and 3rd in his last two state tournaments, is a fine athlete. He was this year’s Super32 Runner-Up, posting a 6-0 win over Ohio’s Felipe Martinez in the semi’s.

Don’t sleep on the others listed, however. Although there are clear leaders here, and placing highly will be tough, there are several high-class guys here. Harper, Einerson, and Fox, are guys I’m particularly keeping an eye on.

TOM’s Picks: 1. McCauley 2. Robertson 3. Rivera

LY Final: Steven Keogh, AV, dec. Chris Moon, WS, 5-3

The Field:
AV: #5 Steven Keogh, #1
CLO: Blake Thompson, #9
LP: Tyler Ledbetter, #10
MC: Dmitri Willis, #2
PWK: Nathan Knutson, #5
SIM: HM Dan Dick, #1
WR: HM Zak Benitz, #3
YRK: AJ Messinger, #5

One of the country’s best 160lbers, and Minnesota Gopher recruit, Steven Keogh, has been nursing an injury all year. He’ll be in action at the Cheesehead, but it will be interesting to see just how effective he is.

Simley’s Dan Dick has been perennially competitive, as a state runner-up and Fargo AA.

The same can be said of Benitz, who’s looking to make a statement and jump into the next echelon of recognition.

TOM’s Picks: 1. Keogh 2. Benitz 3. Dick

LY Final: Noah Budi, Kaukauna, dec. Jake Waste, AV, 6-2 OT

The Field:
AV: #15Jake Waste, #1
BA: Addison Knepshield
CLO: #7 Zach Nevills, #1
SIM: Micah Barnes, #2
WR: Ryan Cone, #2

There’s just a small group of contenders here, but there should be some fireworks and tight battles.

Conventional wisdom says it’s a Waste-Nevills battle. But guys like Barnes, another Simley state runner-up, and Cone are more than capable of hanging with the big dogs.

Knepshield was an Ironman placer earlier this month.

TOM’s Picks: 1. Nevills 2. Barnes 3. Waste

LY Final: Eric Nelson, Stoughton, dec. Mike Ettore, Brandon, 2-1

The Field:
AV: Matt Hechsel, #1
AU: Shane Hughes, #3
KM: Rashaud Moore, #5
LP: Brad Johnson #1
MUS: #19 Roland Dunlap, #2
WR: #3Devin Peterson, #1
YRK: Brant Corwin, #5

89 at the Cheesehead has me excited. The top two guys here are both from Dairyland. Peterson is one of the premier guys at the weight, and one of the top 2012 recruits. Dunlap’s only loss at his state tournament came to the eventual champ, and Dunlap wrestled back to 3rd.

Both of Hughes’ losses in that same state bracket came at the hands of Peterson and Dunlap.

I’m also interested in getting a good look at Johnson, who is the top-ranked guy in Illinois’ 3A class.

TOM’s Picks: 1. Dunlap 2. Peterson 3. Johnson

LY Final: Zach Baldwin, Brandon, dec. Chase Letson, Milton, 2-1

The Field:
BA: Willie Wilson
CLO: Taylor Ferguson, #3
LP: Shaquille McMurtry #2
MUS: Jordan Gruettner, #1
WR: Erik Vruwink
WS: AJ Vizcarrando

Gruettner, a state runner-up, looks to improve on his 4th place Cheesehead performance from a year ago.

Vizcarrando is an NHSCA season finalist as a Sophomore and, in his first action of the season last week, placed 3rd at the Beast.

Taylor Ferguson won the Zinkin Classic last week.

TOM’s Picks: 1. Ferguson 2. Vizcarrando 3. Gruettner

LY Final: Mike McMullan, WS, wbf. Henry Chrino, Brandon, 5:19

The Field:
AV: Harold Delancey
BA: #1Brooks Black
CLO: HM Nick Nevills
MA: Alex Fritz, #6
MC: Ross Ferraro, #1
SIM: Matt Kadrlik, #4
WR: HM Curt Fuller, #2
WS: #18Terrance Jean-Jacques

A great crop of heavies on tap for the Cheesehead, including the #1 big guy in all the land.

Black has swept Fargo, Ironman, and the Beast.

Jean-Jacques has been in the mix in everything he’s entered as well, placing 4th at Ironman before losing to Black in the Beast finals.

It will be interesting to see if Fuller makes the next step in his progression. Last year, as a junior, he was in the mix at several tournaments . Ferraro, Illinois #1 in 3A, is in the similar mold.

Nevills is receiving a lot of hype. And for good reason. He’s a talented young freshman, and just won the Zinkin with a final’s major. We’ll see how he fares rolling with the bog dogs.

TOM’s Picks: 1. Black 2. Nevills 3. Jean-Jacques

Team Race
In case you missed it, there are seven ranked teams here: #1Apple Valley (MN), #3Blair Academy (NJ), #6Wyoming Seminary (PA), #9Marmion Academy (IL), #11Wisconsin Rapids (WI), #12Simley (MN), and #18 Clovis (CA).

Needless to say, jockeying for position will be hotly contested. Who has the horses to outpace the others?

In hybrid scoring system that rewards points for each of the 25 places, it will be a tall order to displace AV from the top step. If anyone can do it, it looks to be Blair, who have legitimate title contenders in half the weight classes.

If the Bucs can get solid production from their mid-tier guys from 140 through 215, they very well could take home the title.

They seem to be the clearest of favorites. While Wyoming Seminary has impressive balance, they were considerably outdistanced by Blair at both the Ironman and Cheesehead. The Knights appear to be in the next tier of squads in a race for 3rd through 7th that could end up in any number of outcomes.

Marmion, which has placed highly at the Ironman (4th) and is coming off a Dvorak title, could be built for this type of scoring. They have several guys (four to five) that will be in title contention. It’s there next group that might not be able to keep pace enough to propel Marmion to the title.

The X-factor in this tournament will be Clovis. Their upperweights are phenomenal and should keep them hanging around the top teams. Anything they get beyond the top seven (based on rankings) would be considered a mild upset. The Cougars have the ability to play the spoiler role here. If guys like Bersano, Thompson, and Salas, and both Gaytans wrestle at a high level (and they can), they could very well throw a monkey wrench into the designs of other squads.

By far the most complaints in the national team rankings come from the factions of loyal Rapids and Simley fans. And they might have a legitimate gripe. Both squads have an incredibly balanced line-up. The reservations, especially at a tournament like this is, where are the title contenders. Both Simley and Rapids have, on paper, what appears to be less individual title threats than others. But that’s why they wrestle the matches. The Cheesehead will answer a great deal of questions about these two squads, and in their place in the national picture.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Hollister Champions!

Let's Take Two, Cougars Roll to Double Championships

Just hours after claiming the Clovis West Shootout Championship, the "other" not-so-second-team Clovis squad in Hollister survied a roller-coaster ride to the tournament championship! In a dual that more resembled an MMA superfight than a wrestling match, the young squad out-lasted Atascadero 37-36, with Ryan Davies dominating one of the Southern Section's top-ranked wrestlers at 189lbs to secure the team victory in the second to last match of the dual. The Cougars never looked back as they rolled 55-15 over San Benito, the host team, in the finals.

It's not the first time the Cougars have pulled off the "double", but it surely never gets old! Two teams, two titles. Congrats boys!

More details to follow.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

2011 Clovis West Shootout Champs

Clovis Takes Shootout, 4th Year in a Row!

The Cougars showed up in full force this weekend, dominating their way to a 4th consecutive Clovis West Shootout title, upending Vacaville in the final match 49-21. The Cougars never had a close match, winning each dual by at least 27 points with 2 shutouts! Five Cougars earned All-Tournament honors including Jason Ladd (140), Brady Bersano (145), Blake Thompson (160), Zach Nevills (189), and Nick Nevills (285). The Cougars have now won a whopping 45 dual matches in a row and look to reach the half century mark by season's end. If the Cougars can close out the year with 5 more league dual wins, the 2011 Senior class will have finished their high school careers never facing a dual defeat!

Round By Round Results:
Clovis 46 - Bella Vista 19
Clovis 55 - Victor Valley 15
Clovis 66 - Turlock 0
Clovis 61 - Laguna Hills 10
Clovis 75 - Stockdale 0
Clovis 49 - Vacaville 21

Friday, December 10, 2010

LIVE Streaming

Due to technical difficulties with the new live streaming host, the Clovis West Shootout can be seen at the old Clovis Wrestling page. Sorry and enjoy.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Competition Week 2 - Dec 10/11th

Week 2 of competition brings more dual competitions with the toughest dual tournament in the state, the Clovis West Shootout, and another varsity competition, the Hollister Duals.

Clovis West Shootout
The Cougar varsity squad will venture over to cross-town rival Clovis West HS this Friday and Saturday to battle some of the toughest foes California has to offer. The Cougars will wrestle on the "Home" side and take on visiting Bella Vista, Victor Valley, and Turlock on Day 1 with Laguna Hills, Stockdale, and Vacaville on Day 2. You can follow that action here LIVE on Friday and Saturday.

Wrestlers scheduled to compete:
Julian Gaytan
Andy Ia
Jonas Gaytan
Daniel Gaytan
Vicente Hernandez
Sergio Enloe
Juan Salas
Jason Ladd
Brady Bersano
Zach Lawson
Blake Thompson
Brandon Barnes
Adrian Salas
Zach Nevills
Dakota Gordon
Taylor Ferguson
Matt Weiss
Nick Nevills

Hollister Duals at San Benito HS
Another Clovis varsity group will travel to Hollister on Saturday for this one-day, dual meet event. Lying in the Cougars path on Saturday are Atascadero, San Benito, Ripon, Amador Valley, North Salinas, Salinas, and Silver Creek. You can follow the dual results LIVE here on Saturday.

Wrestlers scheduled to compete:
Matt Hererra
Matt Czeshinski
Xesus Velarde
Lane McAlester
Sergio Enloe
Marlon Watkins
Connor Callaway
Alberto Jauregui
Mac Teare
Brody Brand
Brandon Barnes
Zach Voorhees
Ryan Davies
Orem Camarena
Matt Weiss

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Clark win 2010 Kastner Shootout

Kastner Rotational Shootout Tournament Champions!
1st place Guest Team & 1st place All-Around Team
Clark Intermediate School

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Clovis Dominates The Grizz, Finishes Runner-Up at McLane

It was a great first weekend of wrestling for the Clovis Wrestling team. The squad recorded a 39-7 record with 32 falls at The Grizz, taking home 5 tournament titles and a 1st place team finish. Daniel Gaytan (125), Juan Salas (135), Brady Bersano (145), Zach Nevills (189), and Nick Nevills (285) took home titles while Nick Nevills also took home the outstanding upper weight wrestler award at his first high school tournament, pinning all three opponents. Andy Ia (112), Jonas Gaytan (119), Vicente Hernandez (125), and Sergio Enloe (130) made the finals but settled for 2nd place.

1st Clovis - 246
2nd Golden Valley - 177
3rd Clovis West - 147
4th Central - 128.5
5th Clearlake - 85

The Cougar squad at McLane downed 4 opponents by a combined score of 250-63 but suffered a narrow defeat at the hands of a game Madera South squad, 39-33. Two wrestlers earned all-tournament honors, Lane McAlester (125) and Marlon Watkins (135), by going an impressive 5-0 on the day.

Clovis 67 - Hoover 12
Clovis 60 - Fresno 12
Madera South 39 - Clovis 33
Clovis 57- Roosevelt 18
Clovis 66 - McLane 21

Up next for the Cougars is the Clovis West Shootout and the Hollister Duals next weekend.

Also, the Clovis Lineup page has been updated for the season to give bios and photos for each member of the 2010-2011 wrestling squad.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Watch Your Cougars LIVE

LIVE streaming of Clovis Wrestling is back albeit under a new roof. ("LSV") will be hosting the Clovis Wrestling live streaming page at LiveSportsVideo allows quality video and streamlined integration with the NWCA Scorebook software the team is using this season.

Where Internet connection allows, matches from duals and tournaments will be broadcast through LSV so Clovis fans from around the globe can follow the team for the 2010-2011 season.

This weekend, matches from The Grizz will be streaming starting at 9:00am PST on Saturday, December 4th live from Central High School.

Please thank Wayne Nevills and Tom Burriel for their continued commitment to live streaming, making this possible for all!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Competition Week 1 - Dec 4th

The Cougars kick of the 2010-2011 wrestling season this weekend with a pair of varsity tournaments.

The Grizz at Central HS
One group will travel to Central HS to take on the home team, Lemoore, Buchanan, Clovis West, Golden Valley, and quite a few more in this one-day 16-man bracket event. The Cougars won the event last season but will be without the services of its football players, who are still alive in the Central Section playoffs. You can follow that action here LIVE on Saturday.

Wrestlers scheduled to compete:
Matt Herrera
Andy Ia
Jonas Gaytan
Daniel Gaytan
Vicente Hernandez
Sergio Enloe
Juan Salas
Jason Ladd
Devin Everk
Brady Bersano
Christian Velarde
Colby Thompson
Zach Nevills
Nick Nevills

Doc Lippmann Duals at McLane HS
Our younger group will venture over to McLane HS and try to bring back the 4th tournament championship in the tournament's 5-year existence in this one-day pool format dual meet event. The Cougars will square off against the best from the North Yosemite League (NYL) in McLane, Hoover, Roosevelt, Fresno, and Madera South in this 'home and away' format, where the NYL makes up the 'home' side. You can follow the dual results LIVE here on Saturday.

Wrestlers scheduled to compete:
Julian Gaytan
Matt Czeshinski
Arnoldo Silva
Wood Stearns
Xesus Velarde
Austin Romo
Lane McAlester
Anthony Vargas
Marlon Watkins
Andrew Galaviz
Alberto Jauregui
Connor Callaway
Mac Teare
Dru Everk
Brody Brand
Zach Lawson
Zach Voorhees
Tyson Perez
Justin Robison
Taylor McKenzie
Orem Camarena
Matt Weiss
Joseph Dominguez

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Warm Ups & Singlets Handed Out

Attn Parents:

Warms ups, Singlets & Travel Bags were handed out yesterday. For any new parents, please wash the Warm ups and Singlets in cold water and hang to dry. These were very expensive uniforms and want them to last as long as possible. Your son was "assigned" this gear and is expected to be returned at the end of the season. This includes the personal singlets as well, except for seniors who will keep the personal singlets.

Just a FYI... SAVE THE DATE - Doc B is January 7th & 8th and parent help is needed! If you need to schedule vacation (like me) might want to do now.

Looking forward to a great season with our wrestling family!!

Cindy McAlester
Cougar Parent Wrestling

Friday, November 26, 2010

Clovis Nationally Ranked (again)

Clovis High School shows up in all the major pre-season polls for the national rankings.

17. Clovis

16. Clovis

WIN Magazine
15. Clovis

The Open Mat (with write-up)
19. Clovis, CA
Final ’09-’10 Ranking: #12

Strength: Duals and Shallow Tournaments

Key Losses:
Tommy Burriel, 189

Key Additions:
Andy Ia, 103
Nick Nevills, HWT (Freshman)

Perennially competitive, Clovis will trot out another line-up almost devoid of holes as they return 8 state qualifiers. They don’t quite have the top-flight guys to upend in-state foes Bakersfield or Selma in deep tournaments, but with their balance, they’re undeniably one of the Cali’s best dual squads. The ended last season at #12, and while SRU Burriel will be a big loss, their drop to 20th has less to do with him, than it does the emergence of some new programs hitting their strides. Clovis will be good, like always.

Key Starters:

* 112 So. Jonas Gaytan (SQ)
* 119 Jr. Daniel Gaytan (SP)
* 130 Sr. Juan Salas (SQ)
* 135 Jr. Devin Everk (SQ)
* 140 Sr. Brady Bersano (SQ)
* 152 Sr. Blake Thompson (SQ)
* 160 So. Adrian Salas
* 171 #6 Jr. Zach Nevills (SRU)
* 215 Sr. Taylor Ferguson (SQ)
* HWT Fr. Nick Nevills

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Big Upgrade for Clovis Wrestling FANS!

For those parents, friends, family, and fans that have ever wished they had the results of Clovis High School wrestlers LIVE as they happen, here's an early Christmas present.

For the first time ever, the Clovis Wrestling program will be providing LIVE updates of matches from tournaments and dual meets as they happen! Follow along LIVE with the Clovis Wrestling team at tournaments and dual meet events this season using the National Wrestling Coaches Association ("NWCA") LIVE Scorebook. Get literally second by second updates of takedowns, reversals, escapes and falls including individual match results and team results right as they occur!

Clovis Wrestling is always on the forefront of innovation and cutting edge technology, bringing you live streaming of matches, live blogging of the Doc Buchanan Invitational, and unique highlight videos and documentary pieces. This new advancement will further allow fans from all over the country (and world) to follow along with the team's performance even if not in attendance. Not enough? How about the ability to view wrestler's stats and season performance-to-date against all opponents at any time!?

NWCA LIVE Scorebook benefits:
  • LIVE updates of dual matches and tournament results
  • Paperless scoring of wrestler results
  • Complete and immediate availability of results
  • Allows results to be emailed to the media following each competition
  • Integrated with Live Sports Video live streaming
Clovis Wrestling plans to debut the LIVE Scorebook at the two tournaments on December 4th, the McLane Duals and The Grizz. See for more details and links.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Note from the Cheesehead

Dear Coaches,

We are expecting a very large crowd again this year. To assure that your fans get tickets we have posted a pre-sale form on so they may order tickets early. It is on the main page under news at the bottom. Please pass this information on to your boosters.

I hope you all have had a good start to your season. We are honored to have your programs at the Cheesehead! Looking forward to seeing all of you in 43 days!

Yours in Wrestling,
Scott Kluever
Director of the Cheesehead

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Will Exchange Work For A Donation

Wrestling Parents/Supporters:

As kids are trying to raise their airfare money ($450) for the upcoming trip to Wisconsin for the Cheesehead Invitational, please be mindful of win-win opportunities that might allow wrestlers to individually achieve that goal. If you have jobs that need doing and more money than time or energy (a common problem for busy adults), that's one thing that the Clovis wrestlers have an abundance of and would be willing to help in any way asked. There are many wrestlers who could put their hours of physical training and excellent conditioning to good use for a little compensation towards their trip at the end of December.

Jobs that come to mind:
Car washing/detailing
Lawn mowing/dethatching/aerating/fertilizing
Painting or sanding
Any type of physical (non-dangerous) labor
Any type of cleaning required

Here is a list of Clovis wrestlers available and in need of monetary assistance:
Brady Bersano
Sergio Enloe
Devin Everk
Gage Freeman
Matt Gay
Daniel Gaytan
Jonas Gaytan
Dakota Gordon
Vicente Hernandez
Jason Ladd
Adrian Salas
Juan Salas
Blake Thompson
Colby Thompson
Christian Velarde
Xesus Velarde

Please make payment for services rendered only in the form of a CHECK payable to "Cougar Foundation -- Wrestling" referencing the wrestler's name somewhere on the check.

Thank you for your support!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Welcome 2010-2011 Season!

The official start to the 2010-2011 Clovis Wrestling season begins Monday. Practices will run daily from 4:30-6:45pm except Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, and New Year's Day. All other weekdays there WILL be practice.

Good luck to our all our football players as they finish the regular season next week against Clovis West. ALL freshman and JV football players are expected to report directly to wrestling practice on Monday, November 15th. Varsity football players will report on the Monday following the conclusion of the playoff season. There is NO TIME OFF between football and wrestling.

Looks to be a great group of young men this season. We can't wait to get the competition underway! Just a couple upcoming events to be aware of. These events are mandatory for wrestlers and we really need help from parents as well.

Fri, Nov 19th - Elementary Takedown Tournament @ Clovis
Sat, Nov 20th - Junior High/High School Takedown Tournament @ Clovis
Sun, Nov 21st - NWCA Division 1 College Wrestling All-Star Classic @ Selland Arena
Tues, Nov 23rd - Scrimmage with Madera High School @ Clovis
Sat, Dec 4th - First competition date of the year! The Grizz @ Central HS or McLane Duals

For more schedule info, please check the schedule on the website:

Monday, November 1, 2010

Las Vegas Results

Congrats to all the Cougars who battled at the 1st Annual Southwest Kickoff Classic in Las Vegas on Halloween weekend. It was an excellent close to the preseason and an introduction to what is possible in the upcoming season.

Clovis place winners:
Jonas Gaytan - 4th
Daniel Gaytan - 7th
Devin Everk - 6th
Brady Bersano - 6th
Zach Nevills - 1st
Nick Nevills - 2nd
Julian Gaytan - 2nd
Matt Czeshinski - 6th
Orem Camarena - 2nd

Up next for the Cougars is the 14th Annual Clovis Takedown Tournament on Saturday, November 20th. Regular season wrestling practices begin on Monday, November 8th at 4:30-6:45pm and will run Monday through Friday for the remainder of the season. Looking forward to a great year!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Just in case you were wondering...

Clovis High Wrestling has:


Your hard work will pay off boys in more ways than one!!! Keep it up and good luck to everyone headed to Vegas this weekend!! You earned this trip!

Saturday, October 23, 2010


Parents your son brought home the order forms for the new Spirit Wear.

Turn in date is: October 27th - Please return to Coach Holscher

Checks Payable to: Cougar Foundation Wrestling

Please note you do not have to purchase the Spirit Wear to be on the Clovis Wrestling Team

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Wrestling USA Magazine Pre-Season Class Rankings




You may have to copy the above web addresses above to your browser.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Looking for Parent Volunteers

We are in need of a Freshman, Sophomore & Junior Parents to be head up your sons class. You will be responsible for communication with other parents along with certain responsibilities for each hosted tournament along with a dual match.

Please let me know ASAP!! The season will be here before you know it and need to get to work on a few things now!

Thank you,

Cindy McAlester
Cougar Parent Wrestling

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Monday, September 13, 2010

2011 Season Preview

The 2011 high school wrestling season is just around the corner and it promises to be another exciting year for California’s most successful all-time program. The Clovis Cougars enter the season ranked once again in the Top 5 in the state after finishing as such the last 4 seasons. Coming off of a 3rd place State finish, only two years removed from a State Championship, the team looks to challenge again for a California State Championship and continue their winning ways including the continuance of their back-to-back-to back championships for both the TRAC League and the Central Section. The team carries a 39-match dual win streak lasting over 4 seasons into 2011 and 8 returning state qualifiers in addition to a nucleus of young talent set to make an immediate impact at the highest level.

2011 returning state qualifiers include:
• Daniel Gaytan – Junior – 2x medalist
• Zach Nevills – Junior – 2x medalist
• Juan Salas – Senior
• Brady Bersano – Senior
• Blake Thompson – Senior
• Taylor Ferguson – Senior
• Devin Everk – Junior
• Jonas Gaytan – Sophomore

Clovis leads nearly every category on the all-time state list including:
• Most Team State Championships – 8
• Most Top 5 Team Finishes – 22
• Most Individual State Champions – 21
• Most Individual State Medalists – 104

Pre-Season State Top 10 Teams (alphabetical order):
Calvary Chapel-Santa Ana
Clovis West
De La Salle

**As of this writing, no weight classes are determined yet. These previews are designed to highlight the team and individual wrestlers vying for each staring spot in 2011.**

2010 Starter: Jonas Gaytan
2010 Result: State Qualifier, 6th Central Section
Wrestling is a family sport and ‘Gaytan’ has been a household name at 103 for Clovis the last several years. This year is no exception as freshman Julian Gaytan joins the squad from Clark Junior High and will vie for the spot to continue the family’s successes in the lower weight classes. He’ll be more than challenged by senior, Andy Ia, a 3-year member of the program who has played second fiddle to some excellent Cougar wrestlers the past 3 seasons (Madison Gambrell ’08, Daniel Gaytan ’09, Jonas Gaytan ‘10) and is hungry for a shot at the post-season. Thanks to Coach Kenny Martinez and the Clark Junior High program, additional incoming high school ready talent will be available with freshman Dominic Martinez and fellow freshman Matt Czeshinski. Add in sophomore Matt Herrera to the mix and you have a great, but typical, battle for the starting spot at Clovis High School where the term ‘varsity’ usually runs at least 3 deep.

2010 Starter: Daniel Gaytan
2010 Result: 3rd State
Daniel Gaytan was a staple of the program the last two years and filled this weight class nicely last season, recording a 3rd place finish at the State Championships. Sophomore, and cousin, Jonas Gaytan will be moving up to the 112lbs weight class this season and looks to improve on a very solid freshman campaign. Despite having beaten 4 of the 8 eventual state medalists from a year ago at 103lbs, he was left off the podium in March and looks to make some adjustments for a more consistent year and a strong finish. After a very successful off-season, Jonas will be a force at 112lbs for the Cougars. He’ll be pushed by sophomore Xesus Velarde who saw some 1st team action last season at 103lbs and continues to improve.

2010 Starter: Devin Everk
2010 Result: State Qualifier, 2nd Central Section
Look for two-time state medal winner Daniel Gaytan to make another jump in weight to occupy the 119lbs weight class. After two Top 4 state finishes but no finals appearances, Daniel had an excellent off-season and will be looking to get a shot at the raised platform in March and bring home a State Championship. Sophomore Lane McAlester has worked hard in the off-season to develop himself into a varsity-ready 119lbs wrestler for the program; this after placing at varsity tournaments a year ago. Also challenging at this weight will be junior Zach Gilman who wrestled some varsity action in his sophomore season.

2010 Starter: Juan Salas
2010 Result: State Qualifier, 4th Central Section
In one of the most hotly contested weight classes, at least 3 very good wrestlers will compete for the starting job in 2011. Junior Vicente Hernandez has put in an outstanding off-season and has already recorded wins over previous state qualifiers from a year ago. Sophomore Jason Ladd was equally impressive and had a very successful freshman season. Senior Gage Freeman has wrestled behind names like Gaytan and Gambrell his first three years and is ready to take the reigns as a starter this season. Freshman Marlon Watkins will look to gain valuable experience in his first high school season and provide additional support at this weight class.

2010 Starter: Sonny Cervantes
2010 Result: State Qualifier, 4th Central Section
The Cougars look to improve at this weight class from a year ago and senior Juan Salas should provide the necessary work ethic to get another shot at a state medal after falling only one match short a season prior. Like most Cougar weight classes, it will not come easy as he’ll be pushed by a trio of young talent. Junior Matt Gay and sophomore Connor Callaway will rejoin the squad after respective successful off-seasons. Freshman Sergio Enloe may be the wildcard after a very good junior high career, outstanding work ethic, and intense desire to get into a starting position. Regardless of the outcome, the team will be well represented at the weight for this season and years to come.

2010 Starter: Christian Velarde
2010 Result: Yosemite Divisional Qualifier
Senior Christian Velarde jumped into this weight class last year on very short notice and nearly recorded a Yosemite Divisional medal. This season junior Devin Everk will likely move up several weight classes from his starting spot last season to fill the void at the 135lbs. After an intense battle for the starting job, Everk got the nod and made the most of his opportunity by reaching the Central Section Championship finals and qualifying for the State Championships. This year, he’ll look to improve on that finish by making his second State Championship appearance and bringing home some hardware. Another member of the strong incoming class, freshman Alberto Jauregui, will challenge Everk for the spot and provide support at the weight class.

2010 Starter: Brady Bersano
2010 Result: State Qualifier, 4th Central Section
A true testament to diligence and patience, senior Brady Bersano didn’t look to have much of a shot at a starting job at this time last season, let alone a Yosemite Divisional finals appearance. But after a few unexpected events and a lot of hard work on his part, Brady earned the starting job late in the season and made his first trip to the State Championships. He’ll look to cap his senior season with a state medal and become one of the stories of largest career improvement in Clovis High School history. It won’t come easy however as he’ll be pushed by a pair of freshman in Brody Brand and Dru Everk.

2010 Starter: Adrian Salas
2010 Result: 7th Yosemite Division
One of only two weight classes that did not qualify for the State Championships last season for Clovis, two upperclassmen look to have the upper hand on this year’s opportunity. Junior Chase Bohny narrowly missed out on a starting spot a season ago and likely would have qualified for the State Championships had he been given the nod. Senior Christian Velarde will move up two weight classes after getting a last-second insertion last year and challenge for the spot full-time. Both will be pushed by junior Jake Cap who saw varsity action in 2010 and sophomore Mac Teare who’s improved in the off-season and is ready to fill varsity-sized shoes.

2010 Starter: Blake Thompson
2010 Result: State Qualifier, 4th Central Section
Another of the most wide-open weight classes, many young talents will try to secure the starting job in 2011. Junior Tyler White is the eldest of the bunch and has some varsity experience from his first two seasons. He’ll be challenged by a pair of freshman in Zach Lawson and Brandon Barnes, both future stars for the Cougars who put in great off-seasons coming into their freshman year.

2010 Starter: Tyler Ceremello
2010 Result: State Qualifier, 3rd Central Section
A state qualifier from a year ago, senior Blake Thompson will likely move up to fill the 160lbs spot. After gaining his first trip to the State Championships last season, he’ll be looking to finish his career with a medal in 2011. In a very competitive weight however, Thompson will be pushed by a pair of accomplished wrestlers: sophomore Adrian Salas and junior (and brother) Colby Thompson. Adrian Salas was one match from qualifying for the State Championships last season at 145lbs while Colby Thompson was a neck & neck competitor for that same starting spot. All three of these wrestlers will see lots of varsity action and may end up jostling to find their way into the lineup. Look for two sophomores to provide additional support at the weight class in Tyson Perez and Ben Prandini.

2010 Starter: Zach Nevills
2010 Result: 2nd State
Zach Nevills will likely be back at the weight for the third time in as many seasons where he has established himself as a name in California wrestling. After two state medals, including a runner-up finish in 2010, Nevills will set his sights squarely on nothing less than a State Championship in 2011. Though it sounds unlikely, Nevills put in a great off-season of wrestling and is a much improved wrestler in several areas, potentially spelling trouble for the competition as he was already amongst the state’s elite. He represents the lone Cougar wrestler at 171lbs.

2010 Starter: Tommy Burriel
2010 Result: 2nd State
The biggest loss from a season ago comes at 189lbs where 3x state medalist and scholarship athlete Tommy Burriel has taken his talents to Arizona State University. Looking to fill those enormous shoes are a pair of juniors who have already experienced a lot of high level success. Junior Ryan Davies has spent the previous two seasons behind Zach Nevills, and now looks to make his own name at 189lbs. Davies placed at several varsity tournaments, beat a few state qualifiers, and won a 75-team varsity tournament last season. Junior Dakota Gordon was at 160lbs and pulled off a lot of the same feats, placing in several varsity tournaments and besting a few eventual state qualifiers in the process. Both will be pushed by sophomore Sam Zegarelli giving the team a lot of depth at 189lbs.

2010 Starter: Taylor Ferguson
2010 Result: State Qualifier, 3rd Central Section
Senior Taylor Ferguson is back and ready to pick up where he left off from a season ago, narrowly missing a state medal by a single match. He’ll be a true 215lbs wrestler this season after a great off-season nutrition program from the team dietician and has his eyes set on the State Finals. Senior Orem Camarena will provide depth at the weight class and looks to earn a few varsity medals in his fourth season with the program. Freshman Matt Weiss had an outstanding junior high career and will quickly adjust to high school wrestling, likely a star of the future for the Cougars.

2010 Starter: Max Howard
2010 Result: State Qualifier, 7th Central Section
One of the largest improvements at a weight class this season may take an unlikely form, replacing a senior state qualifier for a freshman heavyweight. However, Nick Nevills, brother of Zach Nevills, looks to make it a reality as he gets his first opportunity at the big boys after an undefeated junior high career. Rarely, if not never, is a freshman ready to battle with juniors and seniors at heavyweight, but Nevills should be up to the challenge and more. But before that, Nevills will be pushed in the room by former Clark wrestler sophomore Ricky Temple who is back after spending a year out-of-state.

The core of the Clovis staff is intact and ready for another great season. Steve Tirapelle will guide his 14th Clovis squad with help from invaluable assistants Ben Holscher, back for a 5th season, and son Adam Tirapelle, back for his 7th year with the program. Also returning are key staff members Eric LeGarreta, Scott Moore, Nara Sihavong, Pete Samhammer, and Sean Carlson. Leading Clark Junior High for the 2nd straight season is veteran coach Kenny Martinez who looks to continue their winning ways, along with the help of Sergio Enloe Sr., in his second season with the junior high program.

December 4th – The Grizz @ Central HS
December 10th & 11th – Clovis West Shootout
December 17th & 18th – Zinkin Classic @ Buchanan HS
December 30th & 31st – Cheesehead Tournament @ Kaukauna HS (Wisconsin)
January 7th & 8th – Doc Buchanan @ Clovis HS
January 12th – CLOVIS EAST
January 14th & 15th – Temecula Valley Invitational
January 19th – CENTRAL
January 26th – BUCHANAN
February 2nd – CLOVIS NORTH
February 4th & 5th – Mission San Jose Invitational
February 9th – CLOVIS WEST
February 12th – TRAC Championships @ Clovis East HS
February 18th & 19th – Valley Championships @ East Bakersfield HS
February 26th – Central Section Masters Championships @ Buchanan HS
March 4th & 5th – California State Championships @ Rabobank Arena (Bakersfield, CA)

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Week 2

Practice Monday and Wednesday (5:00-6:30pm) this week and through the rest of September. All paperwork and SCWAY card is due Monday or you will not practice. Please have everything turned in to the athletic office and Coach Holscher by the end of school on Monday to allow for practice.

Great trip this past weekend to McNair with 26 Clovis wrestlers. 5 more events to gain valuable experience this Fall! This Saturday, September 18th all Clovis wrestlers are expected to wrestle as the event is at Clovis HS. Plan to setup, work, wrestle, and clean-up on Saturday.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Week 1 Upon Us

School is back in session and the first week of Fall training is upon us. With Labor Day on Monday, the first day will be Wednesday, September 8th at 5:00pm in the wrestling room.

1. Please have your paperwork completed and turned into Coach Holscher prior to practice AND have purchased your SCWAY card.
2. Be on time and plan to stay up to 1 hour late on Wednesday as we have guests traveling from the Bay Area to assist us with our strength training regimen.
3. Bring your wrestling clothes & shoes. Everything will be done in the wrestling room.

Also, we are planning on taking a group of wrestlers up to McNair HS (Stockton, CA) on Saturday for an SCWAY Tournament. We'll gladly take those that would like to get some practice in this Fall and encourage everyone to take advantage of these opportunities. Those attending will meet at Coach Tirapelle's house at 6:15am on Saturday.

If you plan on attending:

1. Make sure your SCWAY card is purchased.
2. Let the coaching staff know by Thursday evening. After Thursday, you are committed one way or the other.
3. Weigh-in after school in the wrestling room on Friday and make sure your weight is recorded by a coach. Weights are pooled so there are no weight classes.
4. Be on time Saturday at Coach Tirapelle's house or you will be left behind.

Thursday, August 26, 2010


1.  IMPORTANT PARENT MEETING, 9/1, Wednesday at 6:15 in the wrestling room.
2.  Clearance paperwork for Winner's Circle is due to Coach Holscher in room C-26 BEFORE 9/8.
3.  $50 Winner's Circle Fee due BEFORE 9/8.
4.  Cougar Foundation BBQ tickets will count as your payment for Winner's Circle.  If you sell and return the money for 3 Clovis Cougar Foundation BBQ tickets, that will cover your $50 Winner's Circle fee.
5.  You must be a paid SCWAY member to participate in any Winner's Circle activities.
6.  Wiiner's Circle hosts a fall SCWAY tournament on September 18th at Clovis High School.
7.  In order to participate in Winner's Circle, wrestlers and parents/guardians (or designated person) understand that they are required to assist with all tournaments hosted by Winner's Circle.   That includes set-up, tournament operations (table scoring, snack bar, etc.) and clean-up.
8.  The Clovis High School wrestling program begins the first Monday in November.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Parents.. mark your calendars!!

Wed,, September 1st @ 6:15 in Wrestling Room!!! This is a great opportunity to meet other parents who you will spending the next year with!!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Alex Tirapelle new assistant wrestling coach at Stanford

STANFORD, Calif. - Stanford head wrestling coach Jason Borrelli is pleased to announce Alex Tirapelle as the new assistant wrestling coach.

Tirapelle joins the Cardinal after spending two seasons as an assistant at UC Davis. Prior to working with the Aggies, he spent seven years at the University of Illinois as a student-athlete, graduate student and member of the academic advising staff.

Tirapelle twice earned All-America status, captured two Big Ten titles and was named Big Ten Wrestler of the Year in 2004. As a freshman in 2003, he finished as the national runner-up and earned Illinois Freshman Male Athlete of the Year honors in the process. Tirapelle finished his career as the all-time wins leader with 128, while ranking second with an .877 winning percentage.

"I am very excited to welcome Alex to our coaching staff and to the Stanford wrestling family," said Borrelli. "There was a very large interest in the position, but it was very clear that Alex was the perfect fit for us. Growing up in a wrestling family, Alex brings a lifetime of wrestling experience and knowledge to our program, and will be a huge asset from a technical standpoint as well."

Along with his impressive athletic career, Tirapelle racked up several academic honors. He was a Big Ten All-Academic honoree all four years, plus a first-team All-Academic selection by the National Wrestling Coaches Association (NWCA) and first-team ESPN The Magazine/CoSIDA Academic All-American. In addition, Tirapelle earned an NCAA Postgraduate Scholarship Award.

Tirapelle devoted one year as a graduate assistant and another as an academic counselor in academic services at Illinois. In his last two seasons in Champaign, he worked on his master's degree in sport management while serving as academic advisor for the Fighting Illini softball and wrestling teams. Tirapelle also kept his hand in the coaching arena, working as a summer-camp counselor and instructor for the wrestling team.

Tirapelle was also a standout at Clovis High School in Clovis, Calif., where he won three state titles and a national title. He hails from a wrestling family: his father Stephen was a Division II All-American and head coach at Clovis HS, his older brother Adam won the 2001 NCAA title at 149 pounds, and his younger brother Troy was a national qualifier and Big Ten runner-up in 2006.
"Additionally, his connections within the state of California are invaluable as we work to build the best wrestling program in the nation with California high school wrestlers," said Borrelli.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Important Upcoming Dates

With school getting ready to get underway, lots of upcoming dates and times to take note of as we begin the 2010-2011 school year and prepare for the upcoming wrestling season.

Monday, August 23rd - First day of school AND pick up required paperwork from Coach Holscher in his room at 2:45pm
Saturday, August 28th - SCWAY Central Valley Kickoff @ Lemoore HS
Monday, August 30th - Mandatory Wrestlers Team Meeting @ 2:45pm in the wrestling room
Wednesday, September 1st - Mandatory Parent Meeting @ 6:15pm in the wrestling room
Friday, September 3rd - Order Custom Singlets ($50 per uniform must be turned in)
Monday, September 6th - LABOR DAY
Wednesday, September 8th - Start of Fall Practice @ 5:00pm in the wrestling room (plan on staying late only this day until 7:30pm, usual end is 6:30pm)

Fall practice in September will only run on Mondays and Wednesdays from 5:00 to 6:30pm. As we get into October, gradually more days and time will be added until we reach the start of the season in November. We're about 2 months away from weight certification so start to evaluate where you're at and where you'd like to be this season. Don't wait until it's too late!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


  1. Athletic clearance by Wednesday, September 8th through Clovis High School athletic office.
  2. Clovis Wrestling Emergency Form filled completely and signed by participant, parent/guardian and returned to Coach Holscher by Wednesday, September 8th.
  3. 2010-11 participant membership in SCWAY.
  4. Spring/Summer Winner's Circle fee paid in full.
  5. Spring/Summer Winner's Circle participant in good standing or permission from head coach.
  6. Schedule family celebrations, doctor appointments, etc around scheduled practice time.
  7. Make sure you email,,  and if you will miss practice.


The 2010-11 school year is upon us and we need to take care of important athletic paperwork.  Make your athletic physical appointment now for Winner's Circle participation.  We begin school on August 23 and Winner's Circle begins on Wednesday, September 8 from 5-6:30 pm.  On that day, we will have two individuals demonstrating the proper technique for our fall workout.

All wrestlers must pick-up required paperwork in Coach Holscher's room on August 23 at 2:45 pm.  Coach Holscher will provide a family contact form and Clovis Wrestling emergency form that must be completed and returned to him.  The athletic physical, insurance information, parent permission and clearance forms must be completed and submitted to Laurie Adair in the Athletic Office.  Athletes will not be allowed to participate in Fall Winner's Circle workouts without clearance on all required paperwork!

The entire coaching staff is looking forward to another great wrestling season.  The depth we have throughout each weight class makes it tough to predict who will represent Clovis High School in post-season competition. Student athletes are encouraged to manage their diet throughout the year by eating healthy and smart.  Eliminate sodas, desserts and fast food from your daily diet.  It will pay off.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Three Cougars Travel to Michigan

Watch 3 fellow Cougars as they battle some of the best from around the country at the Grand River Rumble in Battle Creek, Michigan this Sunday at the Kellogg Arena. Lane McAlester, Jason Ladd, and Juan Salas are wrestling for California against some elite competition from around the country.

Lane McAlester - 112lbs - SCWAY Silver
Jason Ladd - 119lbs - SCWAY Silver
Juan Salas - 130lbs - SCWAY Gold

There is a Pay-Per-View available of this Sunday's event for $24.99 to watch the action live. Wrestling begins at 7:00am PDT on Sunday, August 1st and runs all day.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Great Summer

The official part of the Spring/Summer wrestling season is now over. Great job by all the boys and looking forward to an outstanding 2010-2011 season.

For those interested, legriding camp will continue for two weeks starting this Monday at 6pm. The legriding camp schedule is as follows:

M - 6:00-7:30pm
Tu - 4:30-6:00pm
W - 6:00-7:30pm
Th - 4:30-6:00pm

We'll see everyone again once school starts. Enjoy the rest of the summer!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Wrestling at Buchanan July 10, 2010

Summer Wrestling July 10th at Buchanan High

We are looking for teams to come to our school and compete in a very small mini tournament. It will be folk style with no club cards or associations required. The cost is cheap. We are not charging at the door. We are just trying to break up the summer technique camp routine with decent competition. We have 3 – 5 mats to use at our disposal. It will be low key and wrestler friendly. 8th graders on up please.

When: Saturday July 10th 2010

Time: 8:00am

Where: Buchanan High School

Cost: $50 per team (10 or more wrestlers)/ $5 per wrestler

Who: The 1st 10 school to apply


Thursday, June 10, 2010

Summer Duals - June 18th & 19th

FOLLOW UP!!! Have not heard from anyone.... need your help to make this work!!! Please call or email ASAP!! Thank you!!

With our first Summer Dual just around the corner we would like to start taking donations and asking for some help.... We are going to do a BBQ this year!! Hamburger/Hot Dogs... Chips ...Beans... Salad.. Desserts..... would like to have enough so everyone can eat!! Parents included!

Need a few dads to help with the BBQ~~

Could use some donations ... the less we have to buy the more money we can take in.. it's the out one pocket and into the other!

Drinks (Soda, Water ,Powerade.... fyi.... does not have to be Coke Products)
Lettuce, Tomatoe, Cheese, Onion, Salads, Watermelon...desserts... Please let me know what you can bring...If it's drinks... just bring to wrestling room by Wed the 16th so I know what we have.

Please email me at

Looking forward to hearing from you

Cindy McAlester
Cougar Parent Wrestling

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Team CA Central Valley takes the first America's Cup

Team Central Valley (CA) wins first NUWAY Americas Cup 35-15

The first Americas Cup National Wrestling Dual was contested over two days in Fullerton California on Friday June 4th and then on Saturday June 5th at Clovis High in Clovis CA 12 grueling duals over two days left team Central Valley as the last teams standing. In the championship match between team JWAY (NJ) and SCWAY/Central Valley (CA) we were treated to some of the best high school wrestling California has seen in a long time. The takedowns, scrambles and just sheer mental toughness was a treat for all who attended or bought the PPV.

The championship dual started off extremely well for team JWAY as they won the first three matches. JWAY’s Anthony Asholt started the JWAY run by beating Ian Nickell 2-0 giving JWAY a 3-0 lead. He was followed by teammate Troy Heilmans Victory over Vincent Gomez making the JWAY lead 6-0. In one of the most hard fought and unexpected matches the night Kyle Cosaletto beat 2X California State Champion Alex Cisneros 6-4 in sudden victory this match was one people who saw will remember for the wild first round scrambles that left the score 0-0 going into the second round. Cisneros chose down and after a few more scrambles was able to reverse Cosaletto for a two point lead Cosaletto then reversed Cisneros and was able to ride him out for a 2-2 tie going into the third with Cosaletto having his choice. Cisneros rides Coseletto for about a minute then decides to cut him loose to trail by one with about :40 seconds left Cisneros gets in on single and was able to finish for the takedown giving him a one point lead. Not wilting to the pressure of wrestling the #3 ranked wrestler in the country Cosaletto kept wrestling and was able to escape to tie the score and force sudden victory. In the extra session Cosaletto was able to score off a Cisneros leg attempt for the victory that sent the JWAY team and fans into a frenzy as he just knocked off the #3 ranked wrestler in the country and gave his team a lead of 9-0. With team SCWAY needing points badly they sent out Indana bound Zach Zimmer to stop the JWAY run and the Senior did just that winning 6-1. SCWAY then sent out super freshman Isaah Martinez and he too was able to beat a tough JWAY opponent and bring life into the SCWAY team as now they just trailed by three 9-6. In one of the featured match-ups California State Champion and 3X place winner Nick Pena vs. NJ State Champion and undefeated Scott Festejo. This match is what wrestling is about though the score does not say it the action and intensity of this match was awesome. With the score tied 2-2 going into the third period Pena chose down and after many scrambles was finally able to get the escape and hold off the multiple attacks made by Festejo which brought the crowd to a roar as Pena had just tied the Dual 9-9. In a surprise move SCWAY chose to send out Timmy Box instead of Nathan Zarate and man did it pay off for team SCWAY right from the whistle Timmy Box’s offense was on scoring 3 takedowns and back points in the first and lead 8-2 after one. Not resting on his lead Box outscored his opponent again in the second to build his lead to 12-3 which put him in position to score a major decision but, he did not stop there he continued to push the action and was close to sealing the deal with a fall but had to settle for the tech-fall giving SCWAY its first lead of the dual. Team SCWAY continued their run with Spencer Hill posting a 5-3 win over Caamiah Bathea to push the lead to 17-9. Senior State Champion Nick Sierra showed why he was crowned the best in California with a win over Doug Cornell the NJ State Runner-Up which gave SCWAY a 20-9 lead. Like all runs it has to end some where and it did when JWAY’s Nick Visacaro 4X NHSCA AA and 2X NJ State champ beat Nikko Reyes 10-5 giving a breath of life back to JWAY and trimming the lead to 21-12. In the 171 pound match had NJ Runner –Up Caanan Bethea defeating Justin Lozano 9-3 which cut the SCWAY lead to 20-12. Then came California the other super sophmore Zach Nevills in what was going to be the swing match of this dual if he wins California could win the match with a win in either of the last two weights. As usual he delivered beating Omar Akel 5-2 building SCWAY’s lead to 23-15. Then like a good closer should Arizona State bound Tommy Burriel sealed the deal with a first period fall over AJ Mott making it 29-15. Not to be outdone HWT Louis Contraras scored his own fist period fall over Joe Nolan to end the dual at 35-15. Folks there was some amazing wrestlers and wrestling in his event. Thank you NUWAY’s Dave Dean, SCWAY’s Ernie Ciaccio and Adam Tirapelle as well as Cal State Fullerton and Clovis High for putting together and hosting some of the best wrestling this state has seen in a long time.

America's Cup Results Saturday 6/5

California Central Valley 36, New Jersey 15 (Finals)

103 - Anthony Ashnault (NJ) dec Ian Nickell (CA) 2-0

112 - Troy Heilman (NJ) dec Vincent Gomez (CA) 7-6

119 - Kyle Casaletto (NJ) dec Alex Cisneros (CA) 6-4ot

125 - Zach Zimmer (CA) dec Alex Schafer (NJ) 6-1

130 - Isiah Martinez dec Andrew Cornell (NJ) 8-5

135 - Nick Pena (CA) dec Scott Festejo (NJ) 3-2

140 - TJ Cox tech. BJ Young (NJ) 19-4

145 - Spencer Hill (CA) dec Raamih Bethea (NJ) 5-3

152 - Nick Sierra (CA) dec Doug Cornell (NJ) 8-5

160 - Nick Visicaro (NJ) dec Nikko Reyes (CA) 10-5

171 - Canaan Bethea (NJ) dec Justin Lozano (CA) 9-3

189 - Zach Nevills dec Omar Akel (NJ) 5-2

215 - Tommy Burriel (CA) fall AJ Mott (NJ)

285 - Louis Contreras (CA) fall Joe Nolan (NJ)

New Jersey 28, Michigan 23

103 - Freddie Rodriguez (MI) t-fall Anthony Ashnault (NJ) 24-9

112 - Troy Heilman (NJ) dec Ken Bade (MI) 5-2

119 - Mark Hall (MI) dec Kyle Casaletto (NJ) 9-7

125 - Alec Mooradian (MI) dec Alex Schafer (NJ) 7-2

130 - Andrew Cornell (NJ) dec Chris Rau (MI) 3-2

135 - Scott Festejo (NJ) dec Gabe Morse (MI) 6-5

140 - BJ Young (NJ) dec Jaylyn Bohl (MI) 4-1

145 - Raamih Bethea (NJ) dec Andrew Morse (MI) 4-1

152 - Ryan Watts (MI) dec Doug Cornell (NJ) 5-4

160 - Nick Visicaro (NJ) mdec Dan Fleet (MI) 11-3

171 - Canaan Bethea (NJ) dec Ryan Olep (MI) 9-4

189 - John Rizgallah (MI) dec Omar Akel (NJ) 7-2

215 - AJ Mott (NJ) fall Gabe Dean (MI)

285 - Devin Pommerenke (MI) fall Joe Nolan (NJ)

California Central Valley 31, Michigan 18

103 – Freddie Rodriguez (MI) tech-fall Ian Nickell (CA)

112 – Dillen Rocha (CA) dec Ken Bade (MI)

119 – Mark Hall (MI) dec Alex Cisneros (CA) 3-1

125 – Zach Zimmer (CA) dec Alec Mooradian (MI) 2-1

130 – Isiah Martinez (CA) dec Chris Rau (MI)

135 – Nik Pena (CA) dec Gabe Morse (MI)

140 – Nathan Zarate (CA) mdec Jaylyn Bohl (MI)

145 – Andrew Morse (MI) mdec Brandon Sotomayor (CA) 9-0

152 – Nick Sierra (CA) dec Ryan Watts (MI)

160 – Adam Fierro (CA) dec Dan Fleet (MI)

171 – Justin Lozano (CA) dec Ryan Olep (MI)

189 – Zach Nevills (CA) wins by forfeit

215 – Tommy Burriel (CA) dec Gabe Dean (MI)

285 – Devin Pommernke (MI) dec Luis Contreras (CA) 1-0

California Central Valley 31, Nevada

103 – Ian Nickell (CA) fall James DeLeon (NV)

112 – Jonas Gatan (CA) dec Curtis Lamprt (NV) 6-5

119 – Alex Cisneros (CA) mdec Bo Bettinson (NV) 8-0

125 – Natrelle Dmison (CA) mdec Ruben Rodriguez 11-3

130 – Isiah Martinez (CA) dec Drew Smith(NV) 13-8

135 – Nik Pena (CA) mdec Ryder Newman (NV) 11-2

140 – Nathan Zarate (CA) fall Joey Lavalle (NV)

145 – Devin Poindexter (CA) dec Andrew Mayes 7-3

152 – Brandon Sotomayor (CA) fall Donovan Caldwell (NV)

160 – Nikko Reyes (CA) forf

171 – Justin Lozano (CA) mdec Marcus Judd (NV) 13-4

189 – Zach Nevills (CA) fall Stephen Wilbert

215 – Taylor Ferguson (CA) dec Jordan Kurth (NV) 8-3

285 – Brian Baird (NV) dec Steven Wood (CA) 3-1

America's Cup Results Friday 6/4

Michigan 39, CA SoCal 33

103 - Freddie Rodriguez (MI) m-dec Zahid Valencia (CA)

112 - Ray Delgado (CA) dec Ken Bade (MI)

119 - Mark Hall (MI) fall Matt Welch (CA)

125 - Alec Mooradian (MI) dec Richard Rios (CA)

130 - Chris Mecate (CA) dec Chris Rau (MI)

135 - Gabe Morse (MI) dec David Meza (CA)

140 - Joey Davis (CA) m-dec Jaylyn Bohl (MI)

145 - Frank Martinez (CA) dec Andrew Morse (MI)

152 - Ryan Watts (MI) dec Juan Alvarado (CA)

160 - Robert Marchese (CA) dec Dan Fleet (MI)

171 - Chaste Harrell (CA) dec Ryan Olep (MI)

189 - Morgan McIntosh (CA) m-dec John Rizgallah (MI)

215 - Gabe Dean (MI) dec Tank Knowles (CA) 6-3

285 - Devin Pommerenk (MI) fall Manny Mazieragos (CA)

Michigan 39, CA San Diego 18

103 - Freddie Rodriguez (MI) fall Nick Boyd (CA)

112 - Ken Bade (MI) tech-fall Josh Chua (CA)

119 - Mark Hall (MI) dec Tony Ramos (CA)

125 - Bryan Grubbs (CA) dec Alec Mooradian (MI) 3-2

130 - Chris Rau (MI) dec Gabe Brown (CA) 5-2

135 - Gabe Morse (MI) dec Jesse Taylor (CA)

140 - Kyle Switzler (CA) dec Jaylyn Bohl (MI)

145 - Andrew Morse (MI) dec Rio Gallejos (CA)

152 - Ryan Watts (MI) dec Brody Chenawith (CA)

160 - Daniel Threkheld (CA) fall Dan Fleet (MI)

171 - Sean Pollack (CA) wins by forfeit

189 - John Rizgallah (MI) dec Jonathan Beck

215 - Gabe Dean (MI) dec Porfi Sosa 5-2

285 - Devin Pommerenke (MI) fall Robin Case (CA)

San Diego 34 Nevada 21

103 - Jordan Hart (NV) dec Victor Lopez (CA) 1-0

112 - Bo Bettenson (NV) dec Josh Chua (CA) 6-5

119 - Jodh Miranda (CA) dec Zach Perry (NV) 7-2

125 - Ramos (CA) dec Ruben Rodriguez (NV) 7-5

130 - Gabe Brown (CA) WBF Alex Hesetti (NV) 1:12

135 – Spazo Ellitch (CA) dec Rider Newman (NV) 10-5

140 – Kyle Switzler (CA) dec Lavalle (NV) 4-3

145 – Rio Gallegos (CA) WBF Andrew Maze (NV) :45

152 – Nesetti (NV) WBF Chemauwith (CA) :30

160 - Hernandez (NV) WBF ?

171 – Shann Pahh maj Jud (NV) 15-3

189 - Jesus Emtries (CA) dec Wilbert (NV) 1-0

215 - Porfisosa (CA) dec Karth (NV) 5-1

285 - Baird (NV) dec ? (CA) 2-0

Monday, May 31, 2010

Parent Help Needed for NUWAY Americas Cup

Attn Clovis Wrestling Parents: We are going to take drink donations for the America's Cup!!! Need drinks: Soda's, Water, Powerade... Please bring to wrestling room on Thursday!! The more donations we get the more profit we make!! Remember out one pocket into the other!! Thanks!!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Thank you!

Thanks to everyone that brought food Friday night!! Special thanks to the Ladd's for bringing all the pizza~~~ :) I know the boys enjoyed it!!!

Ready ... set... go.... 2011!!! Is it to early to start thinking about another State Championship??? NOT!!!

Let It Rock Boys!!!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Year end awards will be given out on May 21st at 6:00 pm at Clovis High Cafeteria!

Very important you attend, not only will awards be given out, Highlight Video will be shown and the coaches will discuss the plans for the 2010-2011 season~~

We are going to do appetizers just like we did for the Meet & Greet!! So please bring something for the kids to snack on! Drinks and cookies will be provided by the parent club.

Any questions, please call me or email me!

Cindy McAlester
Cougar Parent Wrestling Club

Monday, May 10, 2010

California Rankings from website below

Nitro Nine Rankings


1 LOPEZ, VICTOR (Poway), So.

2 MOITA, JOE (De LaSalle), Jr..

3 ROCHA, DILLON (Lemoore), Jr.

4 NICKELL, IAN (Bakersfield), Sr.

5 FORTADO, GARRETT (Turlock), Jr.

6 MAI, JOHNSON (North Torrance), Jr.

7 KLAUS, KASEY (Vacaville), So.

8 RODRIGUEZ, JOSH (Righetti), Jr.

9 OLEA, ARNULFO (Exeter), So.



2 PEREZ, MICAH (Central Union), So.

3 GOMEZ, VINCENT (Frontier), So.

4 GAYTAN, JONAS (Clovis), So.


6 TAMEZ, CHRIS (Clovis East), Jr.

7 DOMINQUEZ, LEIF (Gilroy), So.

8 MIRANDA, JOSH (Poway), Jr.

9 NASER, ALI (El Camino Real), So.


1 GAYTAN, DANIEL (Clovis), Jr.

2 RAMIREZ, MARTIN (Elk Grove), Sr.

3 JAUREGUI, JUSTIN (Clovis East), Sr.

4 KNOBLACH, STEVEN (Clovis West), Sr.

5 DELGADO, RAY (Oak Hill), Sr.

6 ADAMS, TYLER (Tesoro), Sr.

7 STEVENSON, TY (McKinleyville), Jr.


9 OBIEN, KAELOB (Independence), Sr.


1 CISNEROS, ALEX (Selma), Jr.

2 GARCIA, FABIAN (Turlock), Sr.

3 TUCKER, SHAYNE ((Bella Vista), So.

4 CRUZ, MICAH (Bakersfield), Jr.

5 SERGI, BRIAN (College Park), Jr.

6 LOWRIE, BLAKE (Laguna Hills), Sr.

7 DITRICH, TIM (Ponderosa), Sr.

8 PALACIOS, PETER (Calvary Chapel), Jr.

9 EVERK, DEVIN (Clovis), Jr.


1 RODRIGUEZ, VINCE (Clovis North), Sr.

2 MARTINEZ, ISAIAH (Lemoore), So.

3 MECATE, CHRIS (Redlands East Valley), Sr.

4 TOW, CODY (Union Mine), Sr.

5 LIZARRAGA, OSCAR (Brawley), Jr.

6 LARSON, CONNOR (Clovis East), Sr.

7 SALAS, JUAN (Clovis), Sr.

8 FUKUSHIMA, MASATO (North Torrance), Sr.

9 GALLEGOS, MIGUEL (San Fernando), Sr.


1 PENA, NICK (Selma), Sr.

2 TATE, SHANE (Oakdale), Sr.

3 YACUTA, SHANE (Porterville), Sr.

4 DEMISON, NATRELLE (Bakersfield), Jr.

5 ARREDONDO, DAMIEN (Buchanan), Sr.

6 PEREZ, ANDREW (Pittman), Sr.

7 TOW, SEAN (Union Mine), So.

8 PEREZ, SONNY (Hoover), Sr.

9 SMITH, SAWYER (Brawley), Sr.


1 FERRY, DAVID (Oakdale), Sr.

2 DAVIS, JOEY (Santa Fe), Jr.

3 ZARATE. NATHAN (Selma), Sr.

4 CANO, NICK (St. Francis), Sr.

5 KASTLE, BLAKE (Gilroy), Jr.

6 HENDRICKSON, ADAM (Healdsburg), Jr.

7 BOX, TIMMY (Bakersfield), Sr.

8 BERSANO, BRADY (Clovis), Jr.



1 HAMMOND, COLEMAN (Bakersfield), So.

2 BALDAZO, JESSE (Liberty), Sr.

3 IRANIHA, SHERVIN (Monte Vista), Sr.

4 ROMERO, CHRIS (Carlsbad), Sr

5 GONZALEZ, ANDREW (Oxnard), Sr.

6 POINDEXTER, DEVIN (Clovis North), Sr.

7 ARREGUIN, TRAVIS (Healdsburg), Sr.

8 MESSAROS, IAN (Cupertino), Sr.

9 VINCENT, NATE (Dublin), Sr.


1 PERIERA, VICTOR (Newark Mem), Jr.

2 HICKMAN, MATT (Camarillo), Sr.

3 FIERRO, ADAM (Bakersfield), Sr.

4 SMITH, CODY (Santiago Corona), Sr.

5 SOTOMAYOR, BRANDON (Centennial), Sr.

6 JACKSON, ELIJAH (Atascadero), Sr.

7 RODRIGUEZ, DYLAN (Sanger), Sr.


9 DYE, JOSH (Central Valley), Sr.


1 WILSON, JIM (Mcnair), Jr.

2 LOZANO, JUSTIN (Selma), Sr.

3 REYES, NIKKO (Clovis West), Jr.

4 JOHNSON, BRADELY (Canyon Springs), Sr.

5 NOON, TRENT (Oakdale), Sr.

6 RIED, DILLON (Red Bluff), Sr.

7 NACITA, SILAS (Bakersfield) Jr.

8 THOMPSON, BLAKE (Clovis), Sr.

9 NEGRETTE, MATT (Buchanan), Sr.


1 HAMMOND, BRYCE (Rockford), Sr.

2 SHERIDAN, LUKE (De LaSalle), Sr


4 PENDELTON, JACOB (Lemoore), Sr.

5 MARCHESE, ROBERT (Oak Hills), Jr.

6 ERMOLOV, ROMAN (Terra Linda), Sr.

7 BUCK, HUDSON (Vacaville), Sr.

8 BROWN, A.C.(Oakdale), Sr.

9 CRIDER, AUSTIN (Poway), Sr.


1 MCINTOSH, MORGAN (Calvary Chapel), Sr.

2 NEVILLS, ZACH (Clovis), Jr.

3 QUAM, PRESTON (San Clemente), Sr.

4 BARNES, TANNER (Buchanan), Sr.

5 SANCHEZ, ISMAEL (Silver Creek), Sr.

6 ALI, DAVID (Porterville), Sr.

7 CHAID, DANNY (Bellermine Prep), Jr.

8 YOO, PAUL (Cypress), Jr.

9 BOJORQUEZ, LUIS (Buchach Colony), Jr..


1 KNOWLES, TANK (Calvary Chapel), Sr.


3 BRASIL, SCOT (Mt. Pleasant), Sr.

4 FERGUSON, TAYLOR (Clovis), Sr.

5 MEDLEY, SEAN (Wasco), So.

6 LOPEZ, ANTONIO (Paramount), Sr.

7 LASTER, WILL (Ukiah), Sr.

8 VARGAS, JEFF (South Hills) Sr.

9 SEPEDA, JOJO (Natomas)), Sr.


1 ANDREWS, GAVIN (Granite Bay), Sr.

2 ELOR, ORRY (College Park), Sr.

3 CASE, ROBIN (Rancho Buena Vista), Sr.

4 KELLEY, ALEX (Vista), Sr.

5 FUSI, DANIEL (Corona), Sr.

6 BAKER, WYATT (Servite), Sr.

7 WOOD, STEVEN (Lemoore), Sr.

8 TOVAR, JUAN (Woodlake), Sr.

9 WYNN, DYLAN (De La Salle), Sr